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Chapter 10 of 12 - October Conclusion & November Resolution 2017

How have you been - let me think about that for a moment

October was challenging. October brought some hard decisions.
October was stressful :)

Looking back October was pretty hard.
It was challenging in a personally and a "professional" way.
I am proud of much and I do not regret any decisions I made even if they were hard.
Thats a good thing actually isn´t it ^^
Winterterm started this month and I am so not sure I am still doing the right thing with this study.
Relationship wise everything is or was really nice ^^ Everything is exctly the way I wished or ever could wish for :)

Let me think is there any lesson I´ve really learned in October.
Yes actually there is but nothing really new neither to me nor to you...
One or actually two things I learned or confirmed for myself is that working hard for something and not being afraid of something new really can pay off ^^
Yes I know nothing you hear more often in life
...nothing comes from nothin…

Chapter 9 of 12 - September Conclusion & October Resolution 2017

How have you been - let me think about that for a moment
September was alright. September was stressful and sometimes frustrating. September was filled with music.
September was otherwise nice :)

September was good in general.
It was challenging on many levels and sometimes a bit sad and often overwhelming.
I had many many shows to take part and sing in which I talked about it my last chapter post. That meant a lot of train journeys many stressful traveling and often enough hurrying to be somewhere in time.
Something that seems totally normal to probably most of you but for those who feel and suffer from the same kind of anxious feelings this is pretty damn hard. I hope at last that I am not the only one who feels anxious the minute I have to be somewhere at a certain time...
Relationship wise it was amazing - those damn voices which constantly tell you you should better run and be safe finally stoped ... most of the time ^^ thats so great. Everything is grea…