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Yes to Cotton | Comforting Paper Mask | a Review

Hello everyone ^^ How are you today?
The week is almost over and the weekend is within reach and that means ;)
Yes Review-Time :)

Its getting colder - pretty much everyday and that means my skin almost immediately changes...yay
So once again I have the questionable honor to do what ever to keep it hydrated and nice and soft... yay again ;)

But thank the gods of beauty we have facemasks ^^
and so many of them and so many that promise us to hydrate the for today I tried one of them :)

Yes to Cotton
Comforting Paper Mask

The Packaging says:
"Yes to having a soft spot for cotton extract and cottonseed oil that help prevent irritation while gently nourishing, softening and refreshing delicate and allergy-prone skin.   Cotton Extrakt nourishes, conditions and protects sensitive skin. Cottonseed Oil a protective and skin softening oil The Yes to Cotton Comforting Paper Mask is a lightweight, 100% Cotton mask that features a 95% natural ingredient formula that is also rich i…

Chapter 8 of 12 - August Conclusion & September Resolution 2017

How have you been - let me think about that for a moment
August was hard.
August pretended to be amazing for many moments but it was hard. August had its fun moments which were amazing. August challenged me a lot. August bright back the doubt I am fighting so hard against.

August maybe made me stronger, but it also took a lot of my energy.
Many little amazing things happened which gave and are giving me strength...especially at this point in which I am sitting here thinking about this last month.
There were a few things which gave me hope during this month...on many different life-wise and future-wise aspects.
Unfortunately some did not really work out the way I hoped or wished them to work out.
That left me feeling really depressed, sad and troubled.
Am I doing the right thing? What am I supposed to do next? and Am I soing the right things?
Should I just g on studing, should I keep on looking for a job in the field I studied four years for, or should I undersa…