Links I Love #3

1. I just finished watching Santa Clarita Diet on Netflix, starring Drew Barrymore. It’s sooo hilarious, I loved it ^^
 2. Step up your SPF game now - here is some inspiration
 3. Like Me and constantly thinking about places where you want to go next? Here are the 50 Best Places To Travel 2017.
 4.Need new shoes - here is some inspo for 2017
 5. These phone cases - when you just want every single one ^^
 7. For your Documentary needs ;) Here are some to change your mind.
 8. Cant wait but still so much catching up to do before jul 16th - are you up to date
 9. The Most Influential Images of All Time? Here is a collection
10. These pieces - all of them - WANT

How are you all lately? ^^
Did you discover anything lately? Let me know ;)

With lots of love


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