Chapter 3 of 12 - March Conclusion & April Resolution 2017



How have you been - let me think about that for a moment

March was good - I think.
March was amazing and challenging.
March was not unduly exciting.
March was nice and relaxing :)

March was pretty good.
It was challenging on a personally but good in any other wise.
wintersemest is over and summerterm wont start until april so nothing really happened there ^^
Relationship wise it was quite nice - besides those concerned voices still trying to trouble me...
I´ll t told and I loved it so I´ll try to think about what I might have learned in February.
Lessons wise...well you know how I did it last month...I don´t think that a lot changed or happened that made me or my life change. The only thing I still want to keep in mind is the Give it time thing.
Some things just need time - thats how it is peeps... I know I dont like it either!

My resolutions for February were:
- try to reduce doubts - I always doubt everything - makes me feel like I thought about it well enough
before I make a decision but also makes it hard for me to make any decisions at all ;)
So I´d like to try to reduce doubts
-make more of every single day and try to get out of the house more often
- continue to get better and stay on track to get a better mental health
-  keep on learning swedish and repeat everything weekly
- enjoy everything as much as possible

The thing that pops most when thinking about March is that I´ve been to the movies a LOT ^^
Probably the only thing I did all March ;) hahaha
About that reducing doubts - well I think that might be a process which takes a bit more time...
I took pretty much every oportunity to make more of everyday and I said yes a lot ^^ Thats good isn´t it ;) Even if I stayed home a lot ... but baby steps ... yes?
I totally messed up that repeating swedish part...didn´t do a thing...
I am very very proud of my youtube channel tho ^^ I finished my first One Week one Palette Challenge and I was amazing ^^ SOOO HAPPY ^^

So March...not bad :)

Hello you funny month :)
Well April...April - I love April ^^
Its a month which is completely unpredictable...I dont like that but I love it in a month ^^
Its warmer but not to warm - there are many rainy days (the best btw) but the sun comes out a lot.

The only thing that I can think off so far is a new semester that will start at the 24th
but there is nothing else planned so far...not holiday and no traveling...that pretty sad...
So lets se I am excited to see what comes...


- keep on working on that doubt thing
- continue to get better and stay on track to get a better mental health
-  get back into learning swedish and repeating everything constantly
- do more and face those challenges
- Stay positive

I have the feeling that my resolutions stay mostly the same over the months...but to behonest those are my main goals - positivity and strength
Again these resolutions might not seem to be much for many but it is for me

And now are you doing?
Do you do the same thing and set yourself monthly resolutions?

With lots of love


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