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Chapter 3 of 12 - March Conclusion & April Resolution 2017

How have you been - let me think about that for a moment
March was good - I think. March was amazing and challenging. March was not unduly exciting.
March was nice and relaxing :)

March was pretty good.
It was challenging on a personally but good in any other wise.
wintersemest is over and summerterm wont start until april so nothing really happened there ^^
Relationship wise it was quite nice - besides those concerned voices still trying to trouble me...
I´ll t told and I loved it so I´ll try to think about what I might have learned in February.
Lessons wise...well you know how I did it last month...I don´t think that a lot changed or happened that made me or my life change. The only thing I still want to keep in mind is the Give it time thing.
Some things just need time - thats how it is peeps... I know I dont like it either!

My resolutions for February were:
- try to reduce doubts - I always doubt everything - makes me feel like I thought about it well enough