The Shaaanxo Palette by BH Cosmetics | a Review

Hello everyone ;)
Its Friday again and that means an other review for you ^^
and such an exciting one too :)

Today I have a review for you which follows an exciting series of videos I made for my youtube channel ^^
In my opinion its a product which is not hyped enough ;)

So click here if you want to see all the shades on action ^^

I think the most attention it got was the comparison to one of the Kyshadow palettes.
Which, unfortunately, I can not get because they don´t ship to germany...
Well that said I cant say anything about that because I cant get it ;)
Plus so not important for tis review ;)
If you are interested tho - here - is a comparing review
and Shaaanxos video about the palette:

Alright where to begin...I am way to excited to finally write this I really don´t know where to begin ^^

Lets start with the description on the packaging/online
"Shaaanxo - 18 Color Eyeshadow & Lipstick Palette
YouTube beauty vlogger and makeup artist Shannon Harris, known to her fans as Shaaanxo, shares her makeup secrets with an inspirational message. Her girl-next-door relatability and engaging personality make her the most subscribed-to channel in New Zealand and one of the top beauty influencers globally. Shaaanxo has hand-picked a mix of dynamic and down-to-earth shades that add up to a multitude of wearable looks that flatter a variety of skin tones."
Sounds amazing doesn´t it ;)
If you want to get the palette yourself just click -here- to ot to the bh cosmetics side ^^
The palette seems to be a staple it the collection so no rush...but don´t kill me if its gone someday ;)

The palette comes in a paper-cardboardy packaging with a lovely out of focus fairy light kind of pattern ;)
The Palette itself has the same pattern only that the eyeshadow side is a slightly lighter colour.
The palette is so nicely designed, it so cute and girly and just adorable - I love all the details.
This palette is a double sided product one side with a nine colour eyeshadow palette and the other with nine different lipsticks.
Both sides come with an amazing mirror, the one on the lipstick side is slightly smaller and more of a rectangular shape whereas the eyeshadow side mirror is bigger and square.
The packaging is nice and feels sturdy so I wont worry when I´d take the palette with me for traveling...which I would, btw everything you could ever need is in there ;)

Alright and on to the palettes ;)

Unfortunately the eyeshadows and lipsticks do not have names ;)
Which makes it a bit hard if you talk about it buuut...what ever who needs names ^^
So I´ll go row by row and from left to right ;)

The Eyeshadow Side

The palette is filled with many warm and bronzy eyeshadow tones.
Rosy golden shades, orangy and redish ones tight up to duochrome and dark chocolaty colours.
Three are matte and the others are either glittery or shimmery.

First Row

1- A light vanilla colour with a matte finish 
This is a pretty light but warm shade.
I love this as a base colour for your eyeshadow look or for a smooth transition in a smoky eye or something like this.
Its perfect as a base for my skin ton. For darker skin tones it might be a good highlight ^^
It has such a soft texture and its so easy to blend.

2 - A shimmery golden champagne colour
An amazing bright colour. Perfect for inner corners or as a brow bone highlight.
Its a gorgeous champange shimmer which also looks amazing on its own when you go for a very natural eye look.

3 - A lovely romantic rosegold colour with a shimmery finish
Definitely one of my faves ^^
This is a gorgeous rose gold shade with a shimmery finish.
It is highly pigmented but also so easy to build to a intensity you like and it hase such a soft texture.

Second Row

1 - A matte yellowish orange colour
A soft, muted orangey earthy mustard yellow shade with warm undertones and a matte finish.
A very soft, hightly pigmented shade which is easy to blend and to apply. A bit powdery but not bad at all.
The shade looked a bit strange to me at first, just unusual, but it blends lovely into your skin tone. and looks aaaamazing ^^

2 - A warm shimmery bronze
A darker zronze shade with golden shimmer.
Hightly pigented but also easy buildable and so nice to blend. Goes so nicely with pretty much every other eyeshadow ;)

3 - A warm matte redish brown
This is a deep medium red-ish brown color with a matte finish.
Its highly pigmented, has a super soft texture and also amazing to blend. Its definitely a strong shade which is amazing to use as a transition shade for a dark smokey eye. This colour is always very dominant in your eye look, so be careful ^^

The Third Row

1 - A cooltoned shimmery taupe
A very unique mauvy-pink shade with a silvery shimmer and rose-golden shimmer to it.
Not as highly pigmented as all the others, but also very easy to build up and also with a smooth and soft texture.

2 - An amazing shimmery duochrome brown and dark green
An incredible duochrome shade with a coppery redish base and a deep green shimmer.
Depending on the base colour this appears either redish or green.
Unfortunately when ever I used it always turned out mostly red.
Especially after blending and applying the shade does not appear as you might expect it.
I always needed a lot of this shade to make it look slightly green.
So either I am doing something wrong or the green shimmer is just not as strong as I thought it would be.
Its stronger on a dark base tho ^^

3 - A very dark chocolaty blackish brown
This is a dark chocolaty black with cool grey undertones and with a matte finish.
It is highly pigmented and is the only shade in this palette which is slightly less soft.
But is really easy to work with and quickly and easily blended.

The Lipstick Side

First Row

1- A rosy pink nude
Light dusky nudy pink shade with amazing color payoff and smooth application.
Its an amazing neutral shade with strong pink undertones.

2 - An amazing vibrant coral color
This is the perfekt shade for summer. A strong coraly pink shade.

3 - A bright vivid warm orangy red
Also so nice for summer ^^
This is a strong and bright orangy red. Pretty sure this looks amazing with every skin tone ^^
Let me know ^^

Second Row

1 - A darker nude with pink undertones
A medium brown shade, such a perfect neutral shade and it looks like a perfekt shade for all skin tones. As all the others it has a nice pigmentation and is super easy to apply.

2 - A cooltoned mauvy purple/pink
This is a medium mauvy violet shade which looks really unique to me ^^
It has cool undertones more blue than red - definitely unique in this palette.
The color payoff is great and application is even.

3 - A bright hot pink
A bright hit neony pink shade with amazing pigmentation.
Its not really my cup of tea...just because I hardly ever wear pink lipstick but it looks great and is such a fun colour.

The Third Row

1 - A light warm nude colour
Basically a your lips with better colour colour ^^ ...besides the cooler undertones of this shade.
Its a very light peachy nude shade which looks amazing if you are fair like me...don´t know about darker skin tones...might be a bit too light but its not super highly pigmented so it might blend in nicely...Let me know ;)

2 - A lovely warm medium red
Deep red shade which appears a lot lighter on the lips. It is highly pigmented it just appears a lot darker in the palette. So you have to build it or mix it with the next shade :)

3 - A dark burgundy red with brown undertones
The last shade is a dark plummy red shade. Super highly pigmented, super easy to apply and stays on your lips a really long time :) it also leaves a lovely berry stain on your lips...and on your arm so be careful when you swatch it ;)

So lets sum everything up

The colour payoff is definitely on of the best things about this palette on both sides - damn this pigmentation!
There is only one shade which is a bit less pigmented and its the first one on the third row, but thats okay because its amazing how easy it is to build it up to a nice look.
The lipsticks are really amazing too. You only need one layer for a vibrant colour.
Again just one shade with which I needed a bit more and its the middle shade in the bottom row. It looks like a nice and dark whine red but it comes out far brighter and more pinky.

There is a good combination of glittery/shimmery shades and some matte ones.
The consistency is so soft and smooth and there is absolutely no fall out at all - honestly!
Even if you load your brush with shadow - its amazing.
The lipsticks are really nice too, very soft and creamy and so comfortable to wear.

 The eye shadows are very long lasting even without a primer or setting spray.
The products (eye shadows and lipsticks) stay on for a long time.
As far as my experience goes it stays on for the day ;)
I only experienced about seven to eight hours - which is a good long time ;)
The lipsticks are pretty good too, they wont survive a huge lunch completely but its not too bad ;)

After using for this palette for a few weeks I am really impressed with the quality of the shadows, especially for its price.
All eye shadows are all highly pigmented and super soft, easily blendable and you can create so many different looks.
The packaging is convenient and sturdy and its so much fun that you have two different sides.
The combination of colours is amazing - you can combine them all amazingly.

 Last but not leas - Would I Recommend/Repurchase the palette?
I do ^^
Obviously I have nothing but good things to say about this palette. It’s surely going to be a highly loved product for me for a very very long time.
 This palette is the everything you need when you´re traveling ^^ everything is in there.
Yes okay the listick in a palette thing is not the most convenient thing when you´d like to touch up your lipstick when you´re out and about but never the less... 
I really highly recommend it!

So what do you think?
Do you have this palette and do you like it?

With lots of love


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