NYX Highlight & Contour Pro Palette | a Review

Hello everyone ;)
How are you all on this wonderful Friday and are you as excited for the weekend as I am :)

Today I have an other little review for you ^^
Its a product which is everything but new but its new to me and I thought I´d let you know what I think ^^

There have been a lot of contour palettes out there over the last year.
I have to admit I am pretty late on the whole contouring wagon - I did it all that time but I always kind of used bronzers to contour ;)
There are palettes for every budget and I´d love to try some like the Anastasia Contour palette kit or the Kat Von D Palette but I never had the budget for them. Then NYX came out with this promising contour and highlight palette and some time later I decided to give it a try.

Lets start with the description on the packaging/online
"Define your features like a pro with our refillable highlight and contour palette! Each set includes eight customizable highlighting and contouring shades perfect for emphasizing your favorite features. When it's time to swap out a pan or two you can find the palette's Pro Single here."

The palette comes in a paper-cardboardy packaging with detailed instructions on how to use the palette on the back.
Inside are 8 easily removable pans containing different shades of powders for contouring and highlighting.
The pans come in a standard plastic palette, which is nice and slim but also quite big which makes it a little bit bulky, so for traveling...not perfect.
The names of the shades are easily found on the back of the palette itself (sorry about the lack of pictures there) so refilling wont be a problem ;)

The palette has eight shades ranging from light to deep and varies in undertones.
There is a perfect match for everyone and for every time of the year ;)
To be honest - nobody actually needs that many different shades for contour, but its nice to be able to choose and to mix to get the perfect shade plus if you don´t need all the shades you can use them as eye shadows ^^
also it wont be a problem because you can mix and match the colours in the palette and you can make your own perfectly matched to your needs ;)
Only thing is the singles are not magnetized and seem bigger than some of the custom palettes so you might have trouble storing the singles if you don’t have the Pro Palette. 

Okay now let see...the colours in the palette ;)

The first row - Highlighting

1- Ice Queen - A "Pearly Pale White"

It is a pretty light and cool toned white shade with a quite frostet shimmery finish.
Its very easy to build it to the opaqueness you like which is something I like very much.
You can wear it as a light subtle shimmer or build it up to a fully opaque colour ^^
It blends out very nicely and looks lovely ^^
I prefer a more warm-toned highlight tho - but thats 100% personal preference - the colour is lovely

2 - Soft Light - a "Matte Nude" 

This is a very light whitey beige highlight colour with a neutral undertone and a matte finish.
Its very nice, soft and smooth but also quite powdery.
I have quite fair skin - so this looks lovely on me but I think it might be a bit light and maybe chalky on darker skin tones
 - let me know your experience if you have medium or dark skin!
The coverage is quite good on me - not too opaque but easy to build...with some patients tho.

3 - Cream - a "Matte Soft Yellow"

A soft yellow shade with warm undertones and a matte finish.
A very soft, pigmented shade which is easy to blend and to apply. A bit powdery but not bad at all.
The shade looked a bit strange to me at first but it blends lovely into your skin tone.

4 - Nectar - a "pearly soft peach"

This is a medium to light peachy highlight shade with warm undertones and a soft shimmery frosted finish.
Definitely my favourite shade in the palette ;) A warm highlighter just as I like it ^^
Its less frosted than Ice Queen and more opaque in pigmentation.
Its a very soft and buttery powder easy to blend and looks lovely.
It is slightly powdery in the pan but no problem on the skin.

The second row below - Contouring

5 - Tan - a "matte soft brown with slight red undertones"

A nice medium brown with very warm, reddish undertones and a matte finish...maybe a touch satiny ^^
Amazing pigmentation and a very smooth texture, super easy to blend. Be careful tho and don´t be to heavy handed
 - makes it harder to blend it nicely ;)
Not really my cup of tea...a little bit too warm toned for my preference.

6 - Toffee - a "matte neutral brown"

This is a medium brown, a muted colour with warm but more yellowy undertones.
Like Tan this has a matte finish but also a satin sheen to it.
It is a opaque shade with good pigmentation and a smooth texture
 - a bit powdery in the pan but absolutely no fall out on the skin.

7 - Sculpt - a "matte taupe"

Its a muted medium brown with slightly grey tones - a lovely taupe, but not cool on the skin - more like a warm earthy tone.
Again a satiny sheen but just perfect to make your skin look healthy ^^
Compared to the ones before colour payoff was less intense which is a good thing especially for the heavy handed ones of us...including me ;)
But its amazing to build and therefor no problem at all!
Its super easy to blend and my favourite shade off the contouring shades.

8 - Hollow - a "Matte Deep Brown"

This is a quite dark chocolaty brown with reddish-orangey undertones and also more like a satin-matte finish.
Amazing pigmentation but also harder to blend. This colour is why to dark for me but I think this is amazing for darker skin tones ^^


So lets see...to sum everything up

The colour payoff is definitely on of the best features of this palette
Also the fact that it is so easy to create the intensity you like.
You only have to be careful not to go overboard with the contouring shades - the pigmentation makes it a tiny bit harder for the heavy handed ;)

Most of the shades are matte besides the two highlight colors (1&4).
Also, the contour shade are all slightly satiny but its only the tiniest little bit so it’s nothing to worry about on your face.
The consistency is so soft and smooth and also finely milled which might cause some fallout, so the messy application might be the only downside.

 These powders are very long lasting even without a primer or setting spray.
The products stay on the face for a long time. As far as my experience goes it stays on for the day ;)
I only experienced about seven to eight hours - which is a good long time ;)

After using for this palette for a few weeks in which I used the palette for highlighting and contouring and I am really impressed with the quality of the powders, especially for its price.
All 8 powders are all highly pigmented and creamy, easily blendable and buildable.
The packaging is convenient and sturdy and its so nice that the pans are refillable.
The combination of colours is amazing - there is a shade for every skin tone.

 Last but not leas - Would I Recommend/Repurchase the palette?
I do ^^
Obviously I have nothing but good things to say about this palette. It’s surely going to be a highly loved product for me for a long time.
 This palette is the everything you need to get those cheekbones and  a nice, perfectly glowing skin. 
I really highly recommend it!
I think it would be amazing tho if there would be more different singles as a refilling option so you can create the perfect palette for yourself - wouldn´t that be great ^^ 

So what do you think?
Do you have this palette and do you like it?
What do you think in comparison to more expensive palettes?

With lots of love


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