Chapter 2 of 12 - February Conclusion & March Resolution 2017



How have you been - let me think about that for a moment

February was kind of...
February had its lovely moments
February was successful
February was filled with many things I really want to remember :)

February was an odd one - it was good most of the time
- exams wise and relationship wise but it was a harder one ver personal wise
but I know exactly why that´s the way and I know what to do and I know that I am doing what I can - thats good isn´t it ^^
A few weeks ago I´ve read a lovely post unfortunately I don´t remember who wrote it
but it was about lessons the last month told and I loved it so I´ll try to think about what I might have learned in February.

Give it time
Something I learned over a long time and I had to learn it the hard way...
Something I know for ages is that its one of the greatest weeknesses of the human kind that we only learn if something horrible happens.
I always thought I might be better...cant believe that I´ve been that supercilious.
Why I ´ll write this as a lesson I´ve learned in February?
This month is the first time that I´ve seen prove to that.
Such a funny thing - long and short at the same time. Feels different in every situation.
Giving thing time can be one of the hardest things ever...especially in relationships.
Until you need that time I learned that I can be the best thing ever
to give things all the time they need to be solved, to give us answers and to realise what is best.

Only because it feels good its not necessarily is good
If you struggle with mental health issues you might know situation in which you think
-yep thats good it feels good right that must mean it is good- well not necessarily...
I cant say that I am at a stage of recovering of persuading myself that lying in bed and watching youtube and netflix isn´t the best thing
because I feel safe and happy and warm and feeling that I´m in good hands. I don´t know if you know what I mean...
I just know that I cant do or go wrong as long as I stay at home...
But I learned in February that its not good only because it feels good, especially in my mental health condition...
in many other situations it the best thing to trust that feeling ;) feels good it good ^^

My resolutions for February were:
- stay excited about learning Swedish and keep on learning even after the exam
- make everyday a bit special even durning the holidays after this semester
- go out
- discover and find new placed
- get better and stay on track to get a better mental health

I completed my first semester in swedish with an A and I am very proud :)
Now I only have to stay excited and keep repeating everything I´ve learned.
I had many only at home days - not special at all I know but I did my make up most of the days and thats special
I love experimenting with makeup sooooo much ^^ I have to remember that.
I did not go out very often...not more often that I failed at that same for discovering and finding new places...
I am very proud about the "get better and stay on track to get a better mental health" part I did everything I could about that...well okay to be honest I could have done more...on my own but

So as a conclusion about February...not bad :)

March here you are :)
I have absolutely no idea what could happen in this new month
- I have absolutely no planes besides all my new videos for youtube and all the blogposts I´ve planed ;)
The new semester will start in April so there´s that ^^
I am actually excited to see what is going to come - afraid a little but excited :)


- try to reduce doubts - I always doubt everything - makes me feel like I thought about it well enough
before I make a decision but also makes it hard for me to make any decisions at all ;)
So I´d like to try to reduce doubts
-make more of every single day and try to get out of the house more often
- continue to get better and stay on track to get a better mental health
-  keep on learning swedish and repeat everything weekly
- enjoy everything as much as possible

I think I said exactly the same last month...
These resolutions might not seem to be much for many but its actually a lot for me personally
again I could add get out of bad every find something I can do everyday.
I´ll try do that and blogging is an amazing for that ^^

How are you doing?
Do you set yourself monthly resolutions?
How was your February and do you have any exciting plans for March?

With lots of love


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