Top 5 Sunday - Cake Recipes to try - Pinterest Edition

Hey guys :)
how are you doing?
I hope you all had a wonderful weekend ;)
To make the end of the weekend a little sweeter, I thought I´d share a few of the recipes I am dying to try atm.
Its a little collection of cakes, cupcakes, muffins or other baking recipes ^^
also let me know if you would like to see any of these recipes in a video on my youtube channel ^^

All of those recipes look sooo nice ^^
I feel like I have to bake something with cherries or raspberries ;) I am definitely in a berry need ^^ hahaha
7 and 9 look so lovely and make me dream of spring ;) soooo cute all those pastel colours.
Those truffles in 11 look so nice ^^ I always wanted to make some truffles myself.
Those brownies in 10 might be a little ott but they look so funny.
The mousse in 6 looks so interesting - I really want to try that recipe with avocado ;)

Which one looks most interesting to you?
Have you tried any of those recipes or anything similar?
Let me know which one I should try first ^^

With lots of love


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