Links I love #2

  1. Amazing Foodies City guides - makes me want to eat my way around the world ^^
  2. Grownup Grilled Cheese Sandwiches
  3. Autumn and Winter is the perfect time for overalls ^^ wanna know how to style them?
  4. Christopher Waltz´s five amazing and genuine rules for drinking champagne - keep your feet on the ground
  5. Cat lover? Go for it ;)
  6. Trend spotting for next year? Get some inspiration here ;)
  7. Making a case for Yellow - why not ^^
  8. 5 Easy Butt Exercises That Actually Work - amazing ;)
  9. Ten Must-See Art Exhibitions For 2017
10. 10 Airbnb Rentals With Jaw-Dropping Views

Well I just realised this is my 300th blogpost...the funny thing is actually ;) the last time I did a "Links I love post it was my 200th so... ;) that funny, isn´t it ^^
I actually cant believe it ;) 300 blogposts thats a lot ;)

I hope you all enjoyed reading them all the time as much as I loved writing them ;)
Thank you for being there all that time <3 and welcome to those who just became part of the family ;)

cant wait to see what the future brings ;)
and I would love if you would click on that little follow button :* thank you
would help me a loooot!

With lots of love and excitement


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