Chapter 1 of 12 - January Conclusion & February Resolution 2017



How have you been - let me think about that for a moment

January was good.
January was hard sometimes.
January was wonderful.
January was ...

January did not only bring a new year it also brought other new beginning.
January was not the only the first thing in this month.
January was happy and sad...more happy memories at this moment tho...but also a few doubts about the future.
Not that I always tend to have doubts about...well everything.
January brought understanding, talking about lots of not-talkt-about topics.
So as a conclusion about this month - twas not bad :)

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February is going to be not special at all
There are going to be a few little bits and pieces but not a lot actually :)

I did not have and resolutions for January so nothing to review there.
I was and still am pretty happy that I did not pressure myself into any special resolution but I also think that I am going to set myself a few for february ^^


- stay excited about learning Swedish and keep on learning even after the exam
- make everyday a bit special even durning the holidays after this semester
- go out
- discover and find new placed
- get better and stay on track to get a better mental health

Its not too much and for many those resolutions might seem minor and easy but its actually a lot for me personally ... I could even add get out of bad every day...

So its very important for me to find something I can do everyday.
I will do that and blogging is an amazing thing to do that.

Yes, well there is nothing else to say today.
How are you all doing?
Do you set yourself monthly resolutions or do you have huge ones for the whole year?

With lots of love


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