10 things I love and want Tuesday #4 - Floral edition

Hey ya :) How are you doing?
After spending most of the last weekend browsing through online stores I thought I´d share a few of my favourite finds with you ^^
 I have a little collection for you of things I just love and would love to buy
today from zara...again ;) I know - but Zara is sooo addictive and they always have such amazing pieces
 it was hard to narrow it down...I could buy the whole store as always ;)
Its more like a 11 things post not a 10 ^^
and to make it more easy is thought I´d make two posts
today - FLORALS
so an trend, so lovely, so perfect for Spring :)

1. Sequin Kimono
How amazing does this look <3 I am a huge fan of kimonos and this one is stunning
Kimonos in general make it so easy to make a simple and uni-coloured look more special.
You just throw it on and you have a complete different look, a pop of colour or a quick day to night change like this kimono would do with all those lovely embroidered and sequin floral patters.
I love the colours a lot - that dark velvet base colour and the colourful flowers - gorgeous
Also for all of those of us who would like to hide one or two kilos to much around the hips ;) perfect ^^

2. all those Blooms
I am a huge fan of embroidered Denim.
Whether it´s trousers or a jacket - just such amazing pieces - it makes a simple so special.
With this pair of pants you get some intensely decorated ones ^^
But to be honest it does not look too much. Focusing on the outside and using well combined an cool tones colours it just the perfect little step out of the comfort zone for all of us who prefer simple and preferably black trousers ^^
And its so easy to combine ;)

3. Floral Silk Dress
A white silk dress - perfekt for summer ;)
The floral embroidery is soo gorgeous - I love the colours and shapes a lot.
Although I have to be honest I am not too sure about the way the flowers are on it... I mean the direction...do you know what I mean...I don´t even know what I mean hahaha...
I love how the fabric is folded and layered and the wide fit of the dress - makes me dream about summer holidays ;)

4. Jumper
so close to being ott ;) Not yet ^^ I love this jumper even tho I am really not very brave when it comes to wearing colour... most of the time. The black base colour calms the floral pattern a lot and I think this piece could give you the perfect pop of colour in a all black look.

And here is an other pair of those amazing embroidered denim trousers. Honestly...I am in love with that trend ;) Is so wearable, there are so many different ways of how they are decorated and there are some for every bodyshape, age, occassion and fashion taste.
Thes particular ones are a little more bold...the huge bird on the side might be one step out of the comfort zone for some ;) but besides that this pair of pants is pretty casual.
I´d say these are more the fashionable, everyday kind of pair - no too suitable for a business look or for the office...depending on the office you are working in ;) I think they might be a little bit too ripped and cut off for that ;) 

I am such a lace loving girl - its so classy and elegant but so easily wearable on a everyday basis.
Is so sexy but so sophisticated at the same time ^^
This top has a super sexy sheer back but a not so see through front - perfect for a night out but also for a fancy dinner :)

Isn´t this the cutest little romper ;) 
I love all the flowers on top and that sheer, polkadotty overlay that makes it look like a dress.

Everything about this dress is cute! Those wide floaty sleeves, the floral pattern and the little parrots in between ;) soo adorable!
I love the high neck in combination with the long sleeves in combination with the dress being pretty short. Perfect for a summer party, or a cooler night in Italy whilst being on the best holiday of your life ;) oi...hahaha

9. Flower Field
Want to go all out with the floral trend? Isn´t this the perfect blouse ;)
I LOOOVE this blouse a lot, but I also have to say that I especially love it the way the model wears it in this picture and I am afraid that you should not wear it that way if you are pretty short...like I am ;)

10. Floral Embroidery
An other pair of embroidered denim trousers :) 
These are a lot more modest ;) that makes it perfect for those of you who would looove some of these kind of pants but are not brave enough to go out all the way ;) - Very cute 
I also love the used look to it and the length - perfect to pair them with some nice ankle boots

11. Floral Blouse
The details of this blouse are so nice!
The V-neck in the back, the buttons down the back and the details at the sleeves - check them out really.
The sleeves are a bit of a statement sleeve but not too much - very every occasion :)
The floral pattern on this top are a little more on the sophisticated side and very elegant, not too colourful and not to chaotic ;) definitely office material ^^
I think this is a piece which could be one of your new all round pieces. Its very easy to style it up and down ;) denim pants or a elegant black pencil skirt - everything would look good ;)

And this is not even all of it ;)
There are so many aaamazing pieces on or in Zara atm...no wait always just always ;)
I think I need to rob a bank or something ;) hahaha yeah juuust kidding ;)

I hop I could afford everything and that I could inspire you a little bit ;)

Let me know which one of the above is your fave and
I hope you have an amazing time ;)

With lots of love


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