Zoella Beauty - Sweet Inspirations I Haul & Review

Heeeeello everyone ^^
How are you all on this lovely Friday afternoon ;)
A new Friday means a new Review and today I have something I actually
plan to write since august last year ^^
Luckily you still can get all the products so here it is my review of the

Zoella Beauty
Sweet Inspiration Collection

"The whole theme around Sweet Inspirations is Macarons and Sweet Almond." - Zoe

There are many amazing products in this lovely collection
All of them look so pretty and are so nice I love them all ^^

Of cause I could not get all of them.
There are a few more lovely pieces which you can get over on feelunique
There are eight products in the range. Including nearly everything you can think of when in comes to bath and body.

Fragranced Bath Fizzers

First of all...with no particular reason ^^
The Bath Fizzers - indulgent macaron scented bath fizz.
Well where to start...oh yes...how amazing is it that you can actually decide yourself
how much of the product you want to use ;)
I think its so incredibly handy that you can snap this pretty fizzer in little pieces
and just use as much as you want ;)

"This irresistible macaron scented fizz bar will transform your bath into an indulgent experience.
Lie back, relax and enjoy. Ooh la la!
Drop 4 pieces into running water to start your fragrantly fizzy bath."

Of all the fizzers I have these have the prettiest packaging ;)
The christmas gingerbread fizzers are really close but this pink and gold one ;) GORGEOUS ^^

Scented Bath Salt Granules

"Sweet macaron scented bath salts. Lie back, relax and indulge in these irresistibly scented bath salts.
 Malt your troubles away!
Sprinkle a small handful of bath salts under warm running water. The bath salts will slowly dissolve
 to leave your bath water and you smelling delicious."

How cute...now...take a few seconds and just enjoy the beauty and uniqueness of this packaging ;)
The salts come in a little pyramid like paper packaging and inside is a plastic bag in which you´ll find
 the granules. Only issue honestly - I´ll never be able to throw that little pyramid away ;) I really have
 to find a use for it, something to store inside or anything like that ;)
The plastic bag has the same pattern as the other products and pretty ;) also ;) in the little pyramid is a
 little sticker which says Reseal me so you´ll be able to close the bag without loosing all the granules
To be honest I have not used these in a pretty long time so I hardly can remember any details. But I
 remember that I enjoyed the bath a lot and that means I love the granules ^^

Fragranced Body Mist

I have to say I don´t see Body Sprays very often when I´m out and about in the stores.
But I really think they are a little bit overlooked.
If you are like me and don´t tend to wear perfumes to often, whether because you don´t like them or
 you think they are too much for your everyday life or you just never think about them ;)
A body spray is the perfect way to get used to them or the perfect alternative to those of you who
 think perfumes are to much on a day to day basis ;)
This particular mist is aaaaaamazing.
Just first of all...how incredibly pretty is this art deco, 1920´s inspired packaging ;)
Its a glass bottle, which makes it feel like such high quality ^^, and it has a lovely golden lid which
 goes perfectly with the gorgeous pattern on the back and the decoration on the front.
The scent is, just like all the other products in the range, macaron and almondy.
It is pretty sweet, might be a liiiiiittle to much for my personal preference, but
Here come the huge BUT ^^
For me being someone who does not like sweet scents this scent is really lovely.
I like it even if I prefer fresher scents over sweet ones ^^
So for those of you out there not being too sure about whether to get it or not because you are just
 like me not liking sweet scents - I think you should try it, its lovely...just don´t use too much of it at a time ;) 
Its also stays on your skin for hours and hours...actually longer than some of my expensive perfumes.

Bath & Shower Milk

With the probably most beautiful packaging this is one of my favourite products of the range.
This is a Bath and Shower milk enriched with sweet almond, cacao and honey.
"Indulge in this deliciously scented, creamy bath and shower milk. Enriched with nourishing sweet almond, cacao and honey  
it will leave your skin feeling beautifully soft, silky and smelling totally irresistible. Your body will love you a latte!
Pour a small amount of this creamy latte under warm running water or apply straight to damp skin. Rinse well."
Well...I´ve never tried this product in the shower, but in the bath... dear god ^^
Those bubbles, that super soft foamy bathing experience ;) 
Totally worth it, totally and 100% recommended!
And it looks totally like milk so you can feel like Cleopatra bathing in donkeys milk ;)

Body Cream

This is the sweetly nourishing macaron scented body cream.
Again in a gorgeous packaging ^^ I mean how cute are the white and pastel pink stripes ;)
The packaging says: "Treat yourself to a dollop of indulgence with this macaron scented body cream.
 Enriched with nourishing sweet almond oil, cacao and honey, it will leave your skin feeling beautifully soft, silky and smelling totally irresistible.
Gently massage into clean skin until fully absorbed for a soft fragrant finish."
This is a pretty thick cream, a little bit goes a loooong way ;)
Little down side...it actually takes a while to completely sink in without being a little bit sticky.
Its not too bad just something I noticed ;) but its alright its not like needing an hour to sink in ;)
Smells really nice - like the bodymist just a bit fresher ^^

Shimmer Balm

A macaron scented body shimmer in the cutes, most adorable packaging.

"Get your glow on with this deliciously scented shimmer balm. The irresistibly smooth balm instantly
 illuminates skin to give you a gorgeous, healthy glow. You´ll be good enough to eat!
Apply balm to arms, legs and décolletage with the puff for a smooth and even finish."

Well scented just as all the other products this fondant leaves your skin looking amazing.
I have to say that you actually have to get used to using this product. I remember having some trouble
 the first time...to see in my video about it ;)
I started applying it with my fingers which actually made it a bit easier and yes its absolutely worth
 taking the time and getting used to this because my skin never looked more lovely and healthy ^^

A lot of time ago I also made a little video of my first impression about these

of cause you can also watch the original video Zoe made about her new products
or check out her blogpost

What do you think about those products?
Love them? Which one is your favourite?

With lots of love and have an amazing weekend


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