Top 5 Sunday - Places I´d like to visit in 2017

hello everyone ^^
How are you all today? I hope you had a wonderful weekend ^^

I thought as a little post for this new year I´d think and talk about places I´d love to go in 2017
I love traveling and I never do it often enough ;)

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I am in love with sweden since a very long time :)
I´ve been there for the first time in 2015 - in Stockholm and I fell in love with it even more ^^

Look at those pictures - could anyone ever say that they won´t want to go there.
Plus after learning Swedish I´d really like to use that ^^



Iceland is definitely one of my biggest dreams for traveling.
The nature is soo stunning, so many amazing scenes and so many places to see.
I cant wait until that one day when I´ll have the time and especially the money to spend as much time there as possible and to make that dream come true!


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The closest place to go for me is definitely least it is in the country as I live in ^^ not necessarily the closest tho ;)
Its such a stunning city I want to go since a very very long time but I never had the chance.

Austria / Switzerland

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Stunning cities, mountains, fields, rivers - so many breathtaking countrysides.
Do I really have to say anything else ^^ and here I have to correct myself - thats the closest place to go to - depending on where exactly ^^
I´ve been in Austria several times but never really in Switzerland ;) cant wait to see this stunning country.



Italy always gives me dreams ^^ At the moment especially Tuscany ;)
Look at those fields and hills - such an inspiring place <3

What are you planning for this new year?
Any places you are dying to visit?

With lots of love


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