A new year a new Chance - The Reading Challenge 2017

Good evening and welcome to yet an other take on the reading challenge
I know I know..."she failed twice and tries it again...?"
Yes I am and I promise its going to be the last time...when I fail again ;)
But don´t you say three is the perfect number!
Yes you do and that is way I try to do it once more and yes I am going to try the advanced version ;)
Whilst feeling pretty pathetic doing that...I mean I don´t even managed to finish a regular reading challenge, I am very excited too ;) I feel all the new year new chances vibes and I am ver pumped to kick this years reading challenge ass...even if I really don´t know where that ass could be ;) hahaha

So here it is
The 2017 Reading Challenge

The regular version has 40 book to read in this year.
The advanced version has 52...meaning read one book a week o.O
That a huge challenge for me. Of cause you can also read nothing for three month and than like 4 book a week ...which I am afraid of because that is exactly why I failed the last two years...
But I am very excited and positive and I want to do it.
Also I have already written all the posts about all the books and categories as far as possible and I have decided what I want to read for most of the categories so I think I am well prepared and I cant wait to talk about all the amazing books I have planned with you ;)

So let me know.
What do you think? Can I manage to read 52 books in this year?
Do you plan to do this challenge or what is your reading goal for this year?

The first book review is coming today in one week...that is Thursday next week...meaning the 12th I think.

What do you think? Which category will be the first?
And which one is your fist one? ;)

Get all the infos about the challenge HERE (p.s. the pic above is from this page)
and also don´t forget to keep track on your challenge be being part of goodreads ^^
We can also become friends there and talk about all the amazing books we might read together ^^

With lots of love


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