2017 - A new Year a new Me?

Hello everyone and welcome to my Blog in 2017
A new year is here and I cant believe how fast 2016 was over...
It was a rough year for many people not only for me...
mine was especially challenging in many many different ways and I have to say I am happy its over.

Starting this new year means change and new chances.
For many people it means to become a better version of themselves. 
Honestly...starting this year for me means nothing like that.
In many aspects I am a person who hates standing on a point in life when anything can happen.
I am not someone who needs everything perfectly planned, I like to be spontaneous and doing things the way they fell best in exactly
the moment they happen, but...I like it if certain aspects are clear.
Like where am I going to live, where am I going to work, what am I going to do and how and with whom.

And 2017 is like a blank canvas for me...there are some small and thin outlines like family, friends and such things which are,
hopefully, always there for everyone. But besides that its just blank.
Dealing with some mental health things lately, which I will be talking about at some point I know
better what I am actually talking about, makes things even worse and unclear.
So 2017 for me means thickening outlines on the canvas 2017, drawing shapes and shades which I can fill with colour in this upcoming year.
Do you know what I mean ;)

I have a good feeling for this new year.
Thats a very good thing. I am anxious, afraid and insecure but besides that I feel positive that I can manage
what ever this new year holds. And that makes it so much easier! 
I will deal with every mental issue I have starting from this upcoming week.
I will be patient with things that need patients...including myself and my mind.
And I will deal with problems once they come up and not before they (could) happen...
thats probably something not everyone will understand...but I tend to make problems out of situation
 before they even happen...a very very bad thing to do...don´t do it!
So these are also my only resolutions for 2017.
Let it be, let them come and lets do it ;)

I decided not to force myself into anything like a hardcore to a work out daly resolution or anything
 like that. I don´t need that voice in my head constantly saying things like...see you failed again.
People set realistic goals...nothing is worse that failing yourself.

So does 2017 mean A new year a new me?
Well in many ways it does but I wont force it.
I will do it like I did in 2016 and write a little post about every month and what I plan for the next.
I really enjoyed it and it made me reflect about what happened and how I did.
So a new me means to stay true to myself to be honest to myself and to be realistic
A new year means to take chances, to see possibilities and to realise when to stop and when to go.

I wish you all a very happy new year!
With all the good stuff.
Health, patients, strength, love, hope, happiness and that everything you work hard for pays off
that you reach every goal you set and that you´ll always have a hand to hold on to, a shoulder to cry
on and an arm to catch you and hold you in the moments you seem to fall.

Happy New Year 2017

With lots of love


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