BLOGMAS2016 #3 Some amazing Stocking Filler Inspiration

Hello everyone :)
I thought I´d write up a little post with a few bits and pieces for you if you need a little inspiraion for your Christmas stocking ;)

so here are my favourite discoveries I´d love to put in a stocking if I´d make one ;)
But its not a tradition where I live so I´ll think about giving these as regular Christmas presents ;)


Besides the kind of too big and bulky packaging I love this a lot. Its so pretty inside and out ;)

Look at this beauty

There are four amazing eyeshadows on the palette.
A bright, shimmery, champagny colour which looks amazing and brightens up your eyes so nicely and its called vanilla sugar.
Next to it is a lovely matte colour which is called toased tea cake. Its a lovely light brown colour which is amazing as an transition colour ;) 
Below those two is hot chocolate & cream and cocoa dust.
Hot chocolate & cream is one amazing colour. An amazing glittery dark brown with a lovely sparkle.
Cocoa Dust is an other amazing colour. A very dark cool brown I would say very close to a dusky balck...hard to describe tho...but its not just a plain black ^^

The all have the most amazing formula. So soft and kind of buttery...even if I don´t really like this description  ;) but they are soooo incredibly soft and pigmented its amazing. 

Next to the four amazing eyeshadows you get a highlighter called champagne shimmer 
and a lovely blusher called first kiss.

And last but not least you get a midi sized Martha Moo. The one thing I was most excited about ;)
Its not the same colour as the original Martha Moo which I could not get my hands on and that still makes me sad ;) But I have kind of it now ^^ 




In these four crackers you´ll get four amazing mini products of the Zoella Beauty Christmas Range.
A Ginger Cream, a lip balm, a hand cream and a Shower Glaze. 
So cute !!! This is the perfect Stocking filler or you bring them to the table to add some amazing festive beauty fun to the christmas dinner.


This is such a lovely bubble bath :) I love the scent, a little sweet but so lovely ^^

What do you think about these products?
Have you got some? And which one is your favourite?

I made a little video for my youtube channel including these products and so many more ;)

With lots of love and a Christmas cheer


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