BLOGMAS2016 #1 Christmas Decorations

Hello Everyone :)
and a very happy Pre-Christmas time to you ;)
I know it sounds a bit weird, doesn´t it ;) 

Well guess who is back for this years Blogmas ;)
I am so excited I cant believe it myself ^^ hahaha
After my total absence during last years Christmas due to very personal reasons I decided to come back and do Blogmas again this year ;)
I actually also going to attempt to do Vlogmas this year - very excited for this actually and a bit frightened too ;)

So to start off this years blogmas I have to say that I am not to sure if its going to be a traditional kind of blogmas or more like a blogmas with a twist ;)
I thought about doing sth based on the 12 days of christmas song, but I think its all going to be very traditional ;)

So for #1 

DIY Christmas Decoration Inspiration

In one of my latest posts I talked about managing Christmastime on a budget and about how much money you can safe if you spend a little time on making your own decorations.
So here is the post I promised with a few inspirations on DIYs

Ask mother nature

Its so easy to make your own lovely and so christmassy door decorations!
Just get some nice fresh fir branches and some branches with berries add a lovely bow and you are good to go ;)

Nothing easyier and quicker than this idea!
Pinecones are everywhere in the forests and everyone has fairy lights at home ;) come on admit it ^^

With a little bit of your spare time you can create a lovely garland.
Just get some small cones, white paint and a red ribbon and start creating

I just love the look of this so much and I´m sure it would be a lot of fun to create these with friends or your kids ;)

this does not only look amazing I am sure it smells amazing too ;)

This is something I remember doing every year as a child ;)
and nothing will make your home smell nicer and more like a christmas wonderland ^^
I love this

so chic, so simple and so cool ;) not to forget how quick and easy

so many amazing easy ideas to create special christmasy candle holders <3

Just like I said with the door decor - so lovely and so easy and so natural

and even more ideas to come

pinecone art 1,2

its so easy to create your own decorations with all the things you´ll find on your next walk ^^

paper does it all 

Start crafting guys - and not a single cent needed ;)

Just use what you find at home

Ever made your own snow globes?
I never tried but I really want to and it looks so easy!

I know this is nothing new but I still like the simplicity of this idea ;)
And its so easy adjustable to your style!

How easy it is to makes your fairylights even more charming and special

cnat get enough of this adorable decorating ideas and you can do anything!
What every comes to your mind...Plus this idea is a winner for every holiday!

Do you have and bowls which are stackable like those?
What re you waiting for? Isn´t this the cutest idea?

Just fill those lanterns with all your favourite baubles ^^

Keep it simple

sometimes a very simple idea turns out best ;)
With this super simple candle holder you will look like a genius interior designer ^^

how cute is this ;) I wish I had a corner on my stairs like this

now...can it get more simple like this? But its so lovely!!!

Get yourself a white sharpie and start learning to write mirrored ;)
Such a lovely idea!

Well what do you think about that?
Its so easy to create something without or with very little money ;)
I love all the ideas above a lot, which one is your favourite?

Don´t forget to let me know if you recreate one of the ideas!!!
I would love to see pictures ^^

With lots of love and a Christmas cheer


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