10 Things Saturday - Forzieri

Hello everyone :)
How are you all on this last day of 2016?
Happy or sad that its over?

So as a last little treat for this year I am pretty happy that its over
I thought I´d share a few amazing pieces I found on Forzieri which are on sale which is amazing.
If you don´t know Forzieri its basically comparable with mytheresa in many ways.
Its a website selling many amazing designers like Michael Kors, Victoria Beckham, 3.1 Philipp Lim, Proenza Schouler and Givenchy.

There is a up to 50% Sale at the moment ^^
So ordered by brand ;) here are my top pics of the sale
and just to let you know ;) its mainly hand bags and shoes ;)


On the left are the Louie ankleboots 
- how gorgeous are those <3  and you get them 50% off atm
On the right is Pashli 
- such a cute minibag which is 30% off (the size is actually great - not too small ^^)


left Diva Bootie - such cool boots. I love the details and materials. They are 50% off
How cool are those shoes on the right. The Constance Pumps are 50% off and so amazing - WANT ^^


I never heard of that brand...is that a shame on my criteria? Hahaha
On the left is the Bertoncina Minbag which is 50% off atm. How lovely are those details and I love the shape
On the right picture is the Mini Bertoncina Bowler. A bag with an stunning shape. Its 50% off and such a cool idea.


Charlotte Olympia is always a little crazy but I love these three pieces.
On the left is the Feline Bag, its 30% off and so cute
How amazing are these boots in the middle, the Galactica Ankleboots, 50% off
and on the right pic the Roby Primary Perspex Clutch (50% off) so crazy but sooo cool ^^


One amazing bag, the Love Power Saddlebag, which is 30% off - so amazing
I am a huge fan of that kind of bags ;) Love the shape


One huge love ^^ Those Open-Toe-Boots are stunning, aren´t they ;)
They are 30% off and I am seriously tempted to throw out all the money I have just for those ^^ 


Bootie 50% off - probably one of my favourite pairs of shoes ever - how amazing are those, honestly <3
Plattform Sneakers 60% off and an other love of mine - those are so cool - I love the design so much
Plattforms 50% off - so on trend, so cool, so cute, such an amazing colour and shape
Clover Cross Body Bag 50% off - not too sure about the colour but I love the bag
Lock Open 50% off - I love this bag - so cute and an amazing colour


Honestly do I have to say anything about that ;)
I know they are ... strange but soooooo cool <3 <3 <3 LOVE


right K/Kuilted Tweed Minibag 30% off
Both of these are so cute! I love the colours and the details so much. How cool is that cat ^^


Mini Amor Fati bag is 40% off and one cool bag - I love the unique shape and design a lot
I really want that bag <3


The Duke backpack, 30% off, so cool, so simple, so beautiful
I love the simply clear design and the high quality look. The colour is amazing and the clean details <3


On the left is  Rhea Zip Rucksack extra small, which is 30% off and seriously cute. It looks like a dolls bag on the left pic, but its not that small at all ^^
Right: Edie Slipper 30% off - these are amazing - look at this stunning colour!


Well okay lets talk about those Sneakers. The are 50% off atm and so cool.
So much cuteness, coolness and quirkiness in one pair of shoes ^^
I love the contrast between the cool sneaker shape and the feminine light satin material.
And yes those cats are something you can discuss about ^^ 


So feminine, so beautiful, so simple but incredibly detailed, so 50% off atm.


The Small Darren Messenger Bag which is 30% off.
I love that vibrant colour a lot and it size and shape is perfect. I also love the details.



1 Polly Mini Blush...I know, I know 1 and 2 are the same but I really could not decide which colour is more pretty (2 Polly Mini Taupe)
Polly 40% off - and the bigger size of Polly - which I love even more - I am so needing a Chloé bag ^^
Collins 40% off - this bag is a bit different to the others but still so beautiful I love that dusky pink so much


left Blossom 40% off - seriously how cute are these - a huge want ^^
right Tassel River Rock Minibag 30% off - and here is that saddlebag again - just in love
I love the modest colour of the bag and that pop of the red, orange tassle


Triumph 30% off
Well these are seriously different shoes
I am not to sure if I like them from above but the view from the side is amazing ;) love how different they are!

What do you think - so many amazing pieces right
Its all so much over my budget, but you can dream right ^^

Which one is your favourite piece and did I miss anything?

With lots of love and a very Happy New Year

P.S. all pictures are from the Forzieri Website - direct links are underneath every picture


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