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Hello everyone :)
Long time no see. So sorry for the long time it took me to write a new post.
I had a few personal things to deal with and many many very busy days.
How are you all? I hope very well and that you had a great and successful time :)

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Well ;) Guess what...this is going to be my first Christmas Blogpost of this year :D
are you as excited as I am for this wonderful time?
I cant wait until all the lights are up and until the Christmas smells are in the air.
Christmas is definitely the most wonderful time of the year for me including everything from snow to presents ;)

And guess what I already started buying Christmas presents...I know I cant believe it myself ;)
normally I start around 23rd of December ;) hahaha
But my current personal situation just makes my plan ahead a little and keep my mind away from being to stressed and ;) here it comes planing your Christmas presents ahead can be amazing for your budget ;)
I don´t know about you but around Christmas I really get into the giving mood.
I mean I´ve always been a person who loves to present... its just...how do I describe it...hmmm...the joy on the face of someone who gets a present, its just like getting a present yourself ;) sound so cheesy I know ;) hahaha
But if you are like me then you know that around Christmas there are so many people you want to make happy with your gifts that it can be challenging if you are on a budget.
So I though, why not, I´ll write up a little post for those of you who struggle to get all the stuff you want to without being totally broke after Christmas ;)

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Well first of all you need to set yourself a realistic budget...I know this sounds way to grown up, but it really helps a lot.
Of cause you won´t want to start saving your money now but you just have to know how much money you can spend and then you can start budgeting.
Or, alternatively, you can make a list of all the presents you want to get and start planning ahead. This way you can see how much money you are going to need wether its going to be something like 100-200€ or exactly 134€.
Thats totally up to you. And once you know that you can decide if it is in your budget or not and if its not you are going to have to make a few changes.
I know there are so many amazing things to give away its hard to decide. My mom for example said she would love some Burts´ Bees products for Christmas so my first thought is like buying everything they sell ;) but of cause thats so far away from my budget its a different universe so I have to check which products she would like most and maybe she´ll get some more next year or for birthday´s ... that way you don´t  have to worry about that anymore ;) haha
Well all together what I want to say is: You should know how much money you can spend and want to spend if you are on a budget ;)

Okay next. Once you know all about your budget its all about planning. In the end you spend all the money on one present and then I guarantee your budget wont last very long and you will spend faaar to much money and you will be totally broke after Christmas and that wont make you very happy ;)
So make a plan which present you want to get, making a list and checking it twice you know ;)
Of cause you can get small things extra if you see them on your shopping tour ;) I always do that ^^

An other amazing point about planning your presents ahead are the many many sales which are everywhere at the moment. Especially the Cyber Monday sales and the Black Friday sales which are everywhere now ;) literally. You can get so many amazing things for such a great value - so lets start the Christmas shopping noooow ;)
If you need some inspiration for sites to get the best sale items click here to go to an amazing blogpost by Josie from Fashion Mumblr. She wrote an amazing post and I loved it.
I´ve already bought so many gifts with the sale and saved so much money ;) dont hesitate and start your shopping now the sales are everywhere to find ;)

Alright what else...
Oh yes ;) never think that DIY presents could be strange ;) They are actually amazing and save a lot of money if you are really close to the end of your budget. I know I know sometimes self-made gifts might have a touch of "You did not want to spend any money for me, did you" or something like this and I know that many people actually think like this but honestly I love them. Of cause when ever I am actually planing a DIY gift for someone I really want it to look fancy and to be actually useful. But honestly I love what a self made gift says: for me it is something someone really thought about, something someone sat down for and spend a lot of time for to make it, something coming from the heart made with love ;) and there are so many amazing things you can make ;)
If you fancy a little post about easy DIY ideas to give someone for Christmas let me know ;)
I can assure you your granma will be happy as a bee if you give her something made by yourself ;)

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Well...last but not least a tip for saving money around Christmas which is not present related, is all about your Christmas decorations ;)
I mean...please don´t get me started on this topic...me as an interior designer...I love decorating...I´d be happy to buy a new house just to do a total Christmas makeover ;) hahahaa
But seriously you can spend a fortune on Christmas decorations and if you already thinking about how to pay for all the gifts you wont have that fortune...neither have I :(
So some tips ;) coming from an interior designer so ;) you know they are good ^^ hahaha
Well its actually really easy and totally free ;) go out and ask mother nature ;)
I´ve seen so many decorations in stores over the last years which would be so easy to get if you´d just take an hour, go for a walk and look for some lovely branches and berries and stuff like that out in the woods and on the fields...okay I´ll make it easier and go search for a few pics as an inspiration and put together a little post soon ;) keep your eyes open for that ;) I´ll try to link it asap HERE ;)
So people ;) save your money and do it yourself ;) its so much fun either ;) really!
And honestly I realised it so often...something simple and natural with a little twist like fairy lights (which you would have to buy...I know ^^) can look so magical and beautiful :) believe me

Okay that out of the way ;) a second tip. Invest in some good pieces you can use over and over and over again. Like...I don´t know like a fake Christmas tree. If you want to get a fake one invest in a good one. You are going to want to use it many years, don´t you, so just spend a little more money there and you wont have to buy a new one a year later. Same thing for some neutral and beautiful baubles. Invest in some amazing ones you will love for the next 20 years ;) like my grand parents did ;) its so nice to unwrap them every year...its like coming home after a really long time ;)
OH and you can make some tree decorations yourself either ;) just saying ^^

oh an just try to use stuff for the decorations you already have at home like bottling jars or huge vases or stuff like this then go out get some pinecones spray paint some of them and you are good to go. Or make lanterns out of old cardboard or paper or...or...or...so many possibilities ;) blogpost about that coming soon definitely ;)

Okay let me think...is there anything else...well honestly I wont start saving money on food...
especially on food for Christmas eve or the Christmas days all in all ;) Its just such a special time and no...just don´t!!!
I would really prefer to save money on food and such the weeks before Christmas...like in November or earlier ;)
Actually there are many amazing tips on saving money everyday over on earnest - here is a link - I love the simple and quick ideas...so if you have to save a little before Christmas you can get inspired over there ;) They even have a service to refinance student loans, which could help you to have a little more money on hand for your holiday budget ;) I am lucky and had the chance to study without any loan but I know it can be a rough situation especially around special occasions like Christmas for the students of us ;) Maybe it can help some of you :)

So this is it basically ;)
My little list of budgeting for Happiness before and for Christmas ;) its not nice to be totally broke after Christmas ;) believe me its not ;) and there still will be one week ´til the new month ^^ hahaha and than there is new years eve and...and...and ;) ya well you know ;)

So...I hope you liked this little collection and don´t forget to leave a comment below with your budgeting tips ;) I am sure I can learn a lot more and everyone reading this post will love some more tips ;) I know... I would appreciate it.

I hope you have lovely time and much fun with all the Christmas preparations ;)

With lots of love and a Christmas cheer


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