My fave looks - Gucci Spring/Summer 2017 RTW Collection - Milan Fashion Week

And here it is :)
Next on the schedule is an amazing show with many...interesting looks ^^
Here is the

Gucci Spring/Summer 2017 RTW Collection

that 70´s vibe ;) love the trousers tho 

something about this is amazing ^^

here comes the bride...oh wait no - but that coat is really something ;)
love the tights tho - these bows are gorgeous

from no on I´ll wear my glasses like this ^^
reminds me of one of the horror movie dolls - creepy

and you wont need a christmas tree this year ;)

is it Harry Potter? ;) very smart tho

very gorgeous



kiiiinda like it ^^

this is actually gorgeous

this looks like something from sesame street

like this one - the colours are so nice

aaand then came this ;) I really don´t know...
its like a mix between my grannys´ nightgown and a clown

that coat is so nice

ya well you know

love the parrots ;)

very yellow...very ruffly - I like the top part tho and the sleeves

this would be amazing in black

love the stockings and the glasses it bin bags...

I LOVE the shoulders and the coat itself looks nice

have to admit...I love this 

I am not even going into detail here ;) There is a lot going on and a lit is not so much RTW ^^
I don´t even know the definition of ready to wear but it would make sense if it would mean ready to wear for everyone everyday...if you know the definition - please let me know because I am wondering and I´d like to look less stupid ;)
Also I wanted to say...if you like any of the looks I said something bad about its perfectly fine ;)
its just my opinion and I really don´t want to offend anybody :)

But what  do you think? :)
Any other opinions - leave a comment lets talk about this ;)

With lots of love


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