Everything happens for a reason

Hello everybody :)
How was your weekend? What have you been up to?

I´ve been at my grandparents and I had such a lovely time and it was such a nice sunny and warm
 autumn weekend ;) I actually regret not going out more and enjoy the warmth...
...well at least on one hand...I am always torn between regretting something and thinking its not
 worth the energy you can not change it anymore

Actually a thing I wanted to talk about today...
I know everybody...every single one of us felt regret once or regrets something right now, but to be 
honest what are regrets good for, why do we have regrets and why do I always hold on to suchlike 

When I think about my past and that whole topic of regrets I think of many times and many things I do regret...
and every time I think I should have or I could have or should not have...I always have to pull myself 
together and say "Stop it right now...you can not change it anymore!"

And that is the most important thing in my opinion. Do not live in the past it can destroy you!
The most important thing about regrets is that you learn from them.
If you regret that you never spoke to that cute guy on the train you see every morning and who 
always looks at you...Don´t regret it change it and tomorrow you´ll talk to him ;) there is nothing to 
loose, is it ;)
If you regret that you ate that candy bar last night despite being on a diet...don´t regret it just learn 
and don´t do it again...tonight you´ll walk by that chocolate and say I cant wait to eat you tomorrow 
after lunch ;)

Of cause there are many situations in life when you regret something big...I know exactly how that feels.
When something bad happened after you did something or when you loose someone or something 
because of it or when you changed a possible future because you did something or because you didn´t
 do something...thats by far a much harder thing to overcome...

I am writing this today because I have been thinking about a situation earlier this year and late last 
year which makes me regret a lot of things.
I find it really hard to think of it being over and just 100% unchangeable...
you have no idea how often I thought..."if I had a time machine I would..."
but honestly that wont help you the tinies little bit... I would give anything for a Tardis honestly, but 
on the other hand...everything that happened shaped the person I am today and I always say
"Everything happens for a reason" and yes I know there are situations when you just think f*** that 
reason I want it to be different.
There are many things in my life right now I seriously doubt to have any good reason at all and many
 things happened in this last year I seriously doubt to have anything good about them, but I have to 
believe in the fact that they happened for a good reason...it cant be pointless...I just believe in some
 kind of fate...I just can´t believe that something could happen without any sense or reason...that 
would make life just...I don´t know strange and chaotic and ... no that can not be...

I try very hard not to regret about 80% of my life ;)
Like...I should have studied harder in school, I should have created these models for my bachelor 
presentation, I should have gone out with my girls that night, I should have been more patient, I 
should have been quiet, I should not have said that or done that...
...I should stop now destroying the english tenses ;)

There are so many things I regret...and so often I just think...NO stop it right now
you cant change it anymore just don´t do it a second or maybe a third time - be strong, get over it and 
learn from your mistakes...
and yes I know how much easier it sounds than it is actually is...

okay...lets see...
how about doing it together what do you think?

Think about your greatest regret...and then if you realise you are not over it
just think...like a mantra...think "Stop, you can not change it anymore"
I know that can be challenging...I know that very well...
Just think about what could be good about it, maybe you´ll find something and think
"Stop, I can not change it anymore"
And stop feeling guilty about something you regret and take a minute to realise if this thing you
 might regret maybe brought something amazing into your life.

What do you think?
Anything that bothers you a lot and something you really want to overcome?

I will do this tomorrow and every time I regret something...what ever it is...I just think
"Stop regretting you can´t change it anymore"
That will be a huge challenge for me but imagine how amazing you´ll feel afterwards
Lets do this together :)

With lots of love

P.S. I would love to hear about your story and experience and if you could do it :)

also I wanted to include some pics but none of them felt fitting for this topic...


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