Why would you worry your life away - Care Less!

Hello everybody :)
How are you all and how have you been ^^
I´ve been the worst blogger ever...again and I am actually very sorry for the few of you who probably waited for new posts ;) :( 
I just had a looot going on in my life lately and to be perfectly honest I never felt like blogging at all!
After over two years of blogging I had a few weeks when I just felt like: "Nobody is readying my stuff anyways so no one would miss me in the blogging world." 
I needed some time to remember I am doing this for me myself and I and that I really enjoy writing these posts and that it is "only" and amazing part of it that some of you enjoy my posts too ^^

So basically I decided to just CARE LESS and wait. Once I will feel the need to blog again and then I would get back into it and enjoy it again :)
I planned on doing a little Somedays Summary ore Life lately post to let you all know where I´ve been and what I´ve been up to lately, but instead I decided to just write a little bit about how to care less in life and how much this can improve every single part of every day ;)

I feel like my - Set up for an productive day- post was one of those most of you enjoyed reading a lot and that it helped many so I´ll try to do a similar one ^^

There are probably thousands of motivational posts or some of these how to stay motivated and inspired, and here comes an other one of them ... kind of ^^ hahaha
I always felt like caring to much about motivation or inspiration only makes it harder to be motivated or inspired. 
Its perfectly normal to have days when you just feel like...blah
When you just have no brilliant idea are a new inspiration for something.
The more you care and the more you think about it the harder it´ll be to be motivated or inspired!

I experienced days like this a looot during studying and every single time I had to learn again that I had to step back, stop thinking about it, just leave it for one day and stop caring about it. Get your head of the topic and do something completely different.

I know I know - far easier to say it than to actually do it ^^ haha
I hear that a lot every time I feel like a super wise person trying to give advice a friend ;)

An other thing about caring less is thinking about everything long enough until its to late to actually do something ^^
I do this a loot and I really want to change that.
Struggling with anxiety makes it very hard to not think every single detail to death, but its like that quote I always have in my head in such situations: "JUST SAY YES". 
There are many situations where you just have to stop caring and simply start doing things. Especially when there is nothing to loose! Just do it! ^^

Why would you worry if there is nothing to worry about?

Care less and do more - why would you let your life pass?

I feel like everything in life nowadays has to be special, perfectly arranged and kind of hard instead of it being easy, quick and genuine.
I think authenticity is one of the most important things in every part of our life and I think its one thing the fewest put emphasis on which is very very sad and makes everything so complicated.

Why are there so many who are faking or are just not being them selfs, being genuine!
Or why are so many afraid of a genuine life.
Well I feel like loosing the topic here ^^ hahaha
Its about not caring to much isn´t it ;)
Recently my life gave me a lot to get over, a lot to fight against and a lot which tried to pull me down day after day after day. I dont know yet if I am on top of it or if I am standing strong without the risk of falling back down, but I learned that it´s all a little bit easier if you care less :)

The last month have been a really very hard time for me and the thought of 
"Care less, its going to be alright" 
might be a bit cheesy, but its been my mantra every single day. Just remember you are worth it ^^

After many many dark days with unhappy thoughts that pulled me down to an unhappy place I am starting to feel better and I really wanted to share this with you because it helped me a lot.

Just care less! Care about yourself and take time to get it!
Do you have and mantras in such situations

With lots of love


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