My fave looks - Roberts-Wood Spring/Summer 2017 Ready To Wear Collection - London Fashion Week

Something great is comming your way and something special ;)
An other amazing collection I really wanted to share with you today is the

Roberts-Wood Spring/Summer 2017 Ready To Wear Collection

this is amazing - and that sleeve detail - so nice

so amazing - I want this so much ;)

pictures used in this post are from here

I love pieces which look casual and not special at all but if you take the time to have a second glance you´ll discover many special and unique details - thats what makes me love this collection ^^
A colour wise its right down my alley, B the silhouettes are amazing, C these details - I´m in love, D the materials look amazing - amazing fabrics, E amazing layering and combination ^^

What do you think :) Let me know

With lots of love


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