My fave looks - Mary Katrantzou Spring/Summer 2017 Ready To Wear Collection - London Fashion Week

A very good morning to you all :)
Guess what - still London Fashion Week ^^ Are you bored yet or still as excited as I am ^^

I´ll keep on going quite chronologically and start todays group of amazing fashion show
with the 

Mary Katrantzou Spring/Summer 2017 Ready To Wear Collection

such a gorgeous dress and I love the socks with heels thing

not to sure about that pattern - but I love optical illusions ^^

the dress is loooovely...not sure about that jumper underneath tho

so nice

one of my favourite looks of the collection

love the layering of that skirt ^^
such a pretty look ;) but such a pissed model face ^^

pictures used in this post are from here

I love most of this collection a lot ^^
I´m not the biggest fan of too colourful and wild patterns and that makes this collection a little bit hard to love ;) I love the ideas and combinations and how the pieces look and the pieces themself are amazing ;) just not too much in these combinations...does this make any sense ^^
I would wear most of these just in different combination ^^ hahaha
I hope you´ll understand what I mean...oi...hahaha

Let me know what you think :)

With lots of love


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