My fave looks - Barbara Casasola Spring/Summer 2017 Ready To Wear Collection - London Fashion Week

And the last one for today ;)
Its a lot I know...I really thought about it a lot and if I should cut it down to...I don´t know maybe three collections a day and just forget about the others, whatever lets go for the fullest ;)
Last one for today is the

Barbara Casasola Spring/Summer 2017 Ready To Wear Collection

everything about this ;)

these trousers are perfection

that neckline is amazing

this fabric looks so nice

simple chic in perfection

this colour is so nice, a little autumnal but beautiful

love this a lot - especially the top half

Well do you agree with me thinking that this collection is simple perfection?
Its right down my alley and a collection for every taste ;)
I love the subtle details, the unobtrusive see through parts and the sexy but not vulgar or naff necklines and silhouettes! It´s all just amazing ;)
Barbara Casasola you have a new fan ;)

What do you think? Let me knoooow :)

With lots of love


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