10 things I love and want Tuesday #3 - Zara Edition

Hey ya :) How are you doing? I hope very well!!!
Today I have a little collection for you of things I just love and would love to buy - today especially from zara...even if it was hard to narrow it down...I could buy the whole store atm ^^ hihihi
so its going to be 15 not 10 ^^ hahaha

1. Pleated Skirt
This skirt is an absolute dream ;) I wanted it since the first time I´ve seen it in a store - reall have to get it asap

2. Metallic Jumper
I love the style of this - simple jumper and such a special look

3. Velvet Top
Isn´t this gorgeous - you can also buy it in a darker red colour - its so hard to decide wich colour I should get

4. Blouse
I love the vintagy style of this - so nice and I think its super easy to dress this up or down
Its a blouse for any occasion ;)

This is so gorgeous and special - LOVE

6. Jumper
I love the little knotting detail in front - makes something simple as this so nice ^^

This is so gorgeous - I always loved a black top with little details like these flowers and velvet makes it even better ;)

Well I was not sure at first weather to like this or not, but its so nice ^^

9. Mohair Jumper
Everything about this is so nice ;)

10. Bomber Jacket with Tiger
I am never sure if I can rock a bomber jacket...I should get this in a store...probably
buying it online...well I have to try this anyways

11. Doggy Shirt
How cute is this pyjamastyle shirt - sooo adorable

12. Floral Shirt
So sexy isnt it ;) I am very much into this kind of neckline lately... ;) hehehe
Its a lovely print to and I love the colour

13. Lace Top
This makes me think and dream of christmas - a go and buy it reason ;) haha

14. Metallic Skirt
I love the metallic trend soooo much ;) so no reason not to buy this ;)
I have to wear midi skirts with high heels tho...way to small otherwise ^^ haha

15. Valance Shirt
I am the biggest fan of anything which seems to be simple and plain at first sight but then you turn around and WOW ;) haha

Well...yes...yes...I know and this is not even all of it ;)
I think I need to rob a bank or something ;) hahaha yeah just kidding ;)
I mean, how pretty is everything ^^ couls you resist?
I wish, wish, wish I could afford everything and hope hope hope I could inspire you a little ;)
man...I think I should stop blogging in the middle of the night ;) hahaha

Let me know which one of the above is your fave and
I hope you all have an amazing week ;) and tell me if I missed anything ^^

With lots of love


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