Rainy Days in Summer

Hey guys :) how are you doooing ^^
I hope you all have an aamazing time and a splendid summer ;)
and I hope your summer is a little more summery than mine ;) especially weather wise ^^

unfortunately german summer can be really rainy and unfortunately its getting cold as soon as it rains
and its suuuuper hot as soon as the sun is back out, so basically we are living between days with 30°C and 15°C ;) haha I prefer the 15 ° tho ;)

pic source

Many rainy days mean much time you spend inside and that means basically that you should think about a good program ;) otherwise you´ll sleep all day ;) hahaha well I would probably ;)

I probably have to admit how much I love such a rainy day ;) I looove listening to the rain falling, I love the atmosphere and how it makes me feel ;)

;) (pic source)

The best thing about spending a rainy Sunday at home is the idea of cuddling up on the sofa reading a good book, watching amazing movies or catching up on your favorite tv series
I love to do this and if you need some series to watch inspiration - click here - for my favorite ones lately ;)

The only thing that makes such a day perfect is not only the best company but also the perfect culinary accompaniment ^^

Depending on the time of the day my favourites are an amazing cuppa or a delicious glas of wine and something yummy to nibble like crisps or popcorn ;) or an amazing piece of a self-made cake ^^

I recently discovered the SkinnyPop Popcorn which is popcorn for guilt free snacking ^^ never a bad thing, isn´t it ;)

Weather you are  counting the calories or not my favourite about this is their wine and popcorn pairing. Its such a fun idea and I never would have thought about testing which wine goes best with which popcorn flavour. 

Basically I am a white wine and rosé kind of girl ;) don´t know it that is an age thing or a girl thing I just enjoy those more so lets see ^^

I love Pinot Grigio so I should try it with some Jalapeno flavour should I ;) hahaha this is soo funny ;) I love it 
What else... Sauvignon Blanc is an amazing wine and it seems to be perfect with Sea Salt & Pepper hmm yes sounds good ;) same for an amazing Zinfandel :) nice

I really want to try this asap - I love it

Have you ever thought about a perfect wine and popcorn pairing?
I mean wine and cheese yes, wine and cheese and grapes of cause ;) but this ^^ every heard about this?

If you want to learn a little more about Skinny Pop click here - really looks like an amazing brand ^^
Unfortunately its only an US thing atm and there is no shipping yet, but you can get it via amazon ;)

What is your favourite thing to do on a rainy day? 
What are your favourite snacks and which one is your perfect pairing?

With lots of love


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