Five Favourite Things Sunday - Series

Hi guys how are you :)
I cant tell you how much I enjoy being back here, and back writing...
I´ll do a little post on where I´ve been and why I´ve not written anything at all in July which was a really hard time for me.
Its a lot and I want to take time to write this post, because its a hard one for me to write and I want to help some of you how might be in the same I´ll take my time :)

I planned this post for today a long time ago, so why not ;)

I wanted to write about my five favourite TV shows I especially enjoyed watching lately

Stranger Things

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This is a pretty new show and I thinks its a Netflix Original series ;)
I started watching this about two weeks ago and I was obsessed the minute I started the first episode ;)
It is a supernatural horror drama which you can watch in eight episodes of season two, I´ve read a lot about a potential second season btw ;) so I am excited already ^^
The story plays in the early 80s and starts basicly with the disappering of a 12 year old boy on his way home. It has everything from first loves, strong friendships and strange secret government research facilities. More and more people disappear and the friends of the lost boy, his family and the towns sheriff search for him and learn more and more strange things. A scary monster hounting the woods and a unwordly youg girl called Eleven appears, who may be the result of either scientific or supernatural interventions. Nothing stays the same and more mysteries appear every season.
Its sooo scary and thrilling...I binge watched episode three to eight and could not stop at all :)
Its aaaaamazing, don`t miss it ^^


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Finally its on german Netflix aaaand I was sooo excited :)
Its on sixx in german TV for a pretty long time now, but I never seemd to be able to watch it.
Its so new and something I´ve never seen before basically :)
I mean, nothing new about zombies, but a zombie trying to live a life amongst the living ans working in a morgue...NEW ^^
Its about a young and very talented doctor called Liv who went on a boat party got scratched, died and woke up as a Zombie...pretty life changing ;)
She quits her job at the hospital, calls of a planned wedding and tries to make a life out of the new situation. She soon learns about the special thing about eating brains which she gets from the dead in the morgue, she sees everything about how they got killed and that changes everything again and she starts to work on cases with a police officer to catch the killer :)
I love it :) everything a good show needs to entertain ^^

Bates Motel

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In as few words a possible: Ever watched Psycho by Hitchcock? This is basically a prequel.
The show follows Norma Bates attempt to start a new life after the death of her husband with her son Norman. They buy a small town motel and try to make a living of it.
All hopes are dashed after the sexually assault by the motels former owner. This leads to a chain of events. The families twisted dynamics become clearer as time passes and we become witnesses of how it all started.

Hemlock Grove

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Hemlock Grove is a supernatural horror story based on a novel by Brian McGreevy.
The murder of Brooke Bluebell in a small town leads to suspicions toward Peter Rumancek who is the new Gypsy guy in town and  Roman Godfrey, the heir to the Godfrey estate and the oldest child of the most influential family in town
Besides the vampirism and werewolf stories this series is an amazing original and refreshing view on things and a surprising approach on well known myths and legends.
Its an amazing series and I can highly recommend it to everybody who likes a good horror show which is not too scary ;)


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This is an amazing series and an origin story of the DC Comics villains and vigilantes. There a thrilling stories revealing a new chapter of Batman´s childhood and Penguins roots.
It follows the rise of James Gordon starting as a young detective through a dangerously corrupt city teetering the edge of evil and chronicles the birth of many super heroes and super villains.
I really enjoy watching this and see the origins of all the well known characters.

Have you watched any of these? What do you think?
Which series can you recommend? Any I missed so far?

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend ^^
I wish you all a super exciting and successful new week :)
Enjoy the sun

With lots of love


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