About this years Opera Incognita Production - Rienzi

Hello everybody :)

Once again I am in the middle of many many rehearsals for this years opera production
And I enjoy every second of it ;)

This year is the 11th birthday of Opera Incognita and we are preparing a very spacial piece of musical history

Richard Wagner´s Rienzi :)

Its a hard one and a loooooot to memorize ;) 
Its so much fun and it´s going to be an amazing staging ^^

The special thing about Opera Incognita is that we are always doing very spacial operas and those that are rarely played ;) aand the special places.
This year we are in a auditorium in Munich´s LMU ^^

I cant wait for the first time we can rehears there ;) 

If you are in Munich on 27th of august or on 3rd, 7th, 9th or 10th of September you really should swing by ;)

Many people say that Wagner is pretty heavy and exhausting but this staging is going to be anything but boring or exhausting ;)
We have so much fun rehearsing it already and I am sure it is going to be very much fun to watch

The basic setting is going to be a lecture about politics and history and the story of the opera is kind of part of a demonstration about different political situations. Its about social differences, war, love and conspiracy.
The plot is pretty long and maaany things are happening ;) and it would be far to much to talk about everything here ;) If you are interested have a little read ;)

So if you are around come on over and say hi ^^
and don´t miss a lot of fun ^^

With lots of love


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