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Rainy Days in Summer

Hey guys :) how are you doooing ^^ I hope you all have an aamazing time and a splendid summer ;) and I hope your summer is a little more summery than mine ;) especially weather wise ^^
unfortunately german summer can be really rainy and unfortunately its getting cold as soon as it rains and its suuuuper hot as soon as the sun is back out, so basically we are living between days with 30°C and 15°C ;) haha I prefer the 15 ° tho ;)

Many rainy days mean much time you spend inside and that means basically that you should think about a good program ;) otherwise you´ll sleep all day ;) hahaha well I would probably ;)

I probably have to admit how much I love such a rainy day ;) I looove listening to the rain falling, I love the atmosphere and how it makes me feel ;)

The best thing about spending a rainy Sunday at home is the idea of cuddling up on the sofa reading a good book, watching amazing movies or catching up on your favorite tv series I love to do this and if you need some series to w…

About this years Opera Incognita Production - Rienzi

Hello everybody :)
Once again I am in the middle of many many rehearsals for this years opera production And I enjoy every second of it ;)
This year is the 11th birthday of Opera Incognita and we are preparing a very spacial piece of musical history
Richard Wagner´s Rienzi :)

Its a hard one and a loooooot to memorize ;)  Its so much fun and it´s going to be an amazing staging ^^
The special thing about Opera Incognita is that we are always doing very spacial operas and those that are rarely played ;) aand the special places. This year we are in a auditorium in Munich´s LMU ^^
I cant wait for the first time we can rehears there ;) 
If you are in Munich on 27th of august or on 3rd, 7th, 9th or 10th of September you really should swing by ;)
Many people say that Wagner is pretty heavy and exhausting but this staging is going to be anything but boring or exhausting ;) We have so much fun rehearsing it already and I am sure it is going to be very much fun to watch
The basic setting is goi…

Five Favourite Things Sunday - Series

Hi guys how are you :) I cant tell you how much I enjoy being back here, and back writing... I´ll do a little post on where I´ve been and why I´ve not written anything at all in July which was a really hard time for me. Its a lot and I want to take time to write this post, because its a hard one for me to write and I want to help some of you how might be in the same I´ll take my time :)
I planned this post for today a long time ago, so why not ;)
I wanted to write about my five favourite TV shows I especially enjoyed watching lately
I. Stranger Things

This is a pretty new show and I thinks its a Netflix Original series ;) I started watching this about two weeks ago and I was obsessed the minute I started the first episode ;) It is a supernatural horror drama which you can watch in eight episodes of season two, I´ve read a lot about a potential second season btw ;) so I am excited already ^^ The story plays in the early 80s and starts basicly with the disappering of a 12…