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June Conclusion & July Resolution

This was the worst ending of a month ever and I am hurt so much and I don´t understand why I have to get through this.
I hate him and can´t hate him...I love him and can´t love him I am soo confused but its over now and I know it a good thing I know its the right thing, but I don´t know why it hurts so much if it is right I want to cry all the time and at the same time I don´t want to cry anymore,
I want to have back what we had and I want be happy again, I want back what we had. I want it to stop hurting so much. I want him to stop being afraid ...


Its a few days later now and I feel a little bit better
I don´t know what to think or what I want, but I am still sure its kind of good how it is now

well what else...june was full of stuff and a lot happened
due date for my bachelor thesis is over now .... I am very glad ;)
The presentation is the day after tomorrow and I am sooooooooo afraid...
I really don´t know what to expect...cross your fingers for me ^^
Thursday is the entranc…

Tanya Burr Cosmetics Nail Polish in Little Duck | a Review

Hello everybody ^^ How was your week? Are you all right?
Guess what ^^ A new friday, a new review ;) Today I have a Tanya Burr Cosmetics Nail Polish for you
This is "Little Duck"
buy it here
This colour is so gorgeous and soooo summery and fresh and bright and just ... heavenly ^^ probably one of my fave ever summer colours :)
Its a very fresh and bright turquoise - green It looks far more blue in the pic...for some reason its paler in reality If you know Essies Mint Candy Apple - this is pretty much like it, just a little more bluish ^^ Its just the nicest colour to freshen up the heat of the summer
Also I am getting the swing of applying these polishes and its far easier now ;) I think its just the shape of the brush that makes it a little harder. I think because of the tip being straight and not round its harder to get a nice line at the lower end of the nail.  You can see what I mean pretty good on the pic above ^^ The formula is very nice, which makes it easier to apply…