My Last Weeks Lunches

Hi guys :)
How are you today? 

I thought after making this video I´d share a few more pics with you over here on my blog ;)
Its all about my last weeks lunches and there are sooo many quick any easy and healthy recipes in this :) I am sure you gonna like it ;)

On Sunday I had a Beetroot and Feta Salad

On Monday I made a delicious cous cous bake

On Tuesday I had some aaamazing spaghetti with spinach

Lettuce Tacos on Wednesday

This Mango - Mozarella - Avocado Salad was an amazing meal on Thursday

This recipe is based on a Jamie Oliver recipe - It was so good on Friday

And last but not least these baked potatoes, a perfect aaturday meal

If you want to know anything about the ingredients click on the video ;) you´ll see everything there
and if there are any questiones feel free to leave a comment :*

Hope you all have an amazing time
and please tell me everysing about it if you try any of my recipes

With lots of love


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