May Conclusion & June Resolution

Hi guys :)
guess what may is already over. Twas not over as fast as other month have been, but looking back it was actually really fast ^^

May was generally good. I had many short little panic moments, but in general it was good.
Not to much to fight and many moments I loved and wich made me super happy. 
Many situations got clearer and some are totally clear now. I am still struggling a lot with how my life will go on and what will happen next or what I should do after my bachelor thesis and where. And there are so many thing coming together now that I feel totally overwhelmed so often and that is my main source of panicking or struggling. I am more one of those people who are afraid of the future, big time, and I´d love to be more like...oh well lets see what will come, but I´m not. And standing at a point like I am at the moment is really really hard for me, because what ever will happen its going to be a major change. 
I am trying very hard to stay positive, I do, and I think it´ll be alright :)

I finished the first part of my bachelor thesis this month and got a good part of the sekond part done, but I am still not sure if it is going to end up in a good way, I really do hope so!!!

Unfortunately my blog had to take a backseat in the last weeks, which I am very sorry and not happy about, but there is just something more important in my life now, something which will define my futur, and I´d love to say that my blog is my future, but it does not look like it. Same thing for my youtube channel . I made many videos wich I liked a lot, but it just had to wait a little lately.

Well well, let see what I thought about may:
- stay productive
- work hard for the bachelor thesis
- keep on working hard and keep the stress away
- strong, calm, patient faithful
- keep on believing
- go outside more, meet friends and do not hide
- travel as much as possible - visit and find new places
- finally getting my new MacBook Pro...saving money for it for sooo long now and I finally have enough

I was productive and worked hard for the BA...even if I am not happy with how long everything took.
I was strong, calm, patient and faithful even if it was not very hard to be last month ;) :*
I GOT MY NEW MACBOOK and I am in love with it!!! I called it Theodore and its a 13" MacBook Pro - with all the best things included <3 the best thing I ever spent money on - a looooooot of money ^^ totally worth it

So I think I can say May was a good month. So many things get better and better and once the whole "What will happen next" question ist answered I think I will be a happy bee again ;)

So, please June be good to me and help me stay calm

pic source

June is going to be half stressful until the 16th when I have my due date for the thesis and half productive when I have to prepare my presentation. I am trying to be faithful that everything will go right and I think if I stay positive it´s going to be alright ;)

For June I want:
- stay on top of things
- stay productive and positive
- keep on working, only e few weeks to go
- enjoy as much as possible
- surround myself with happy thoughts and positive moments
- keep a open mind to be able to be creative 

pic source

To be honest I cant wait for this month to be over because that will mean I am done with this stressful thing called bachelor thesis - yes ;)
But I want to enjoy it as well, because you never want to waste time and you never know what will happen, do you ;) so enjoy as much as possible and work hard to make your dreams come true or to even make the dreams come to your mind ^^ if that makes sense ;)

Well how was May for you?
Anything special to tell me about - I´d love to know it ^^
and what are your plans for june?

I hope you all will have an aaaaamazing June ;)

With lots of love


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