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My Last Weeks Lunches

Hi guys :) How are you today? 
I thought after making this video I´d share a few more pics with you over here on my blog ;) Its all about my last weeks lunches and there are sooo many quick any easy and healthy recipes in this :) I am sure you gonna like it ;)

On Sunday I had a Beetroot and Feta Salad

On Monday I made a delicious cous cous bake

On Tuesday I had some aaamazing spaghetti with spinach

Lettuce Tacos on Wednesday

This Mango - Mozarella - Avocado Salad was an amazing meal on Thursday

This recipe is based on a Jamie Oliver recipe - It was so good on Friday

And last but not least these baked potatoes, a perfect aaturday meal

The Reading Challenge 2016 and a book at least 100 years older than you

Good evening bookworms :) Guess what I am still reading ^^ haha who would have guessed it ;)
Today I have my book for the category a book at least 100 years older than you
to be honest this is probably one of the easiest categories to find a book for :)
The imaginary invalid or Le Malade imaginaire

Again a nice review from goodreads

* The imaginary invalid or The Hypochondriac is the last comedy and at the same time the last play written by Molière. It is a comedy-ballet in three acts.
In Molière’s outrageous satire of medicine and its practitioners, the wealthy Argan, to put it mildly, "enjoys" poor health. Laxatives, suppositories, bloodlettings, and second and third opinions from the leading quacks are the order of his day and hell on his wily, back-talking servant Toinette. His daughter Angélique is in love with the impoverished Cléante, but Argan wants to marry her to Thomas Diafoirus, a medical dunce who can assure his father-in-law a lifetime of health care. Cl…

Somedays Summary Sunday - Where have I been?

Hello everyone ^^ How have you ll been? I hope you had an amazing time and that you all are well :)
Now...those of you reading my blog on a regular basis are probably wondering where I have been the last weeks.  Well that question is very easily answered.  In my last Somedays Summary I wrote about being back to uni and starting my last semester of studying interiour architecture. Well that last semester is nearly over now and to finish my study I have to write a bachelor thesis and that is what I did the last days ^^
I wanted to apologise for being such a bad blogger, but to be honest there are situations in life which are just more important that blogging...especially when being as successful as I am.  I love blogging and I will keep on doing it, but I try to see it as positive as possible and just think "At least it´s not too bad if I miss a few days".

♥  I am obsessed with Snapchat (Vemiska) lately ^^ haha I love those filters so much, its sooo much fun :)

♥  on thursday w…

Favourite Nail Polishes for Spring

Hello everyone :) How are you all? After such a long time I wanted to do a little post about my fave nailpolishes for spring :) Now that spring is nearly over and summer is so close I have to add that most of these colours are so amazing for summer too :)

for a little closer look here are my faves for spring for swatches and more details just click on the video above or click here to go to my channel site

Manhattan  Quick Dry 60 Seconds Nail Polish in 10B  This is the most amazing blue colour - I wear it as often as possible - just so vibrant and glowing ^^
Rival de Loop Glitter Sensation Nail Polish Its a nice detail to add to a regular polish - its not too much but still a cute sparkle 

Essie  Nail Polish in Bikini so Teeny this is one of my absolute favourite nail polishes ever - the nicest pale cindarellay blue
L´oréal  Color Riche Top Coat in Jackie Tweed This is a pretty, subtle topcoat on many different nail polish colours. I love the yellow, orange and blue sprinkles - it like …

May Conclusion & June Resolution

Hi guys :)
guess what may is already over. Twas not over as fast as other month have been, but looking back it was actually really fast ^^

May was generally good. I had many short little panic moments, but in general it was good.
Not to much to fight and many moments I loved and wich made me super happy. 
Many situations got clearer and some are totally clear now. I am still struggling a lot with how my life will go on and what will happen next or what I should do after my bachelor thesis and where. And there are so many thing coming together now that I feel totally overwhelmed so often and that is my main source of panicking or struggling. I am more one of those people who are afraid of the future, big time, and I´d love to be more like...oh well lets see what will come, but I´m not. And standing at a point like I am at the moment is really really hard for me, because what ever will happen its going to be a major change. 
I am trying very hard to stay positive, I do, and I think it´ll be …