Watches, I am loving, to buy now

I am so in love with so many lovely watches lately I am wishing I´d have the money to buy
and I thought I´d share them with you ;)
Maybe you are looking for a nice new watch and want to get a little bit spendy ^^
so here is a little inspiration

And here they are.
The brands are amazing so many pretty watches in one post ^^
I love the colours and the designs - just everything about it 


I just loooove this simple design, so elegant and straight.
I love pretty much every design they have, every metal every leather.


These classic, elegant watches are what dreams are made of.
They look so sophisticated and timeless - just perfect ^^

 | FOSSIL | 

Fossil makes so many differnt types of watches, every shape, size and colour you could imagine.
Here are some of my faves

 | CLUSE | 

Cluse watches are so special - I love the black ones, I mean, look at them, stunning.
Its just that little something, different and stylish.


Do I really have to explain what I am loving about those?
A wooden watch, who would not love this? ^^

What do you think?
They are gorgeous are they ^^

I think I could buy every single one of them and just had to share them with you
Which one is your favourite??
Do you know the brands? I am a huuuuge fan of them!!!

With lots of love

P.S. all pics are from the websites of the brands


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