The Reading Challenge 2016 and a book you can finish in a day

Good evening my favourite bookworms :)
Today i have my book for the category a book you can finish in a day for you...
probably the hardest to review

Aristoteles - Über die Welt
well at least this is the german title and I really have no idea what the english title is
I am so sorry if you know it pleas tell me in the comments...

its also very quickly talked about 
Its Aristoteles who was a philosopher talking about the world and its creatures.
Its about ancient cosmology and theology and summarizes cosmogony, the order of the cosmos, an explanation of nature and evidence and praise god in great clarity, concentration and conviction

Thats basically it ;) I am so sorry and feeling so bad about this review...I actually thought about even publishing it :( But I wanted to share my thoughts with you and continue my challenge posts ;)

pic source

I loved reading it :) I´ve always been a great lover of philosophy, always since school ^^
So I always enjoy having a good philosophically read and thinking about all those things ;)

I wont rate this...its just way to much of a personal preference if you like philosophically texts
So if you like them I can definitely recommend this to you if not...not ^^ hahaha
if you´ve never read on - this is a pretty good one to start with, its not to hard or exhausting to read ;)

So what was or is your choice for this category?
Have you ever read anything by Aristoteles?

With lots of love


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