Tanya Burr Cosmetics Nail Polish in Frosting Cupcakes | a Review

Hallo everybody :) how are you doing?
Today I have an amazing product for you ;)
and I realised I never reviewed any of those ^^

I got this nail polish a few weeks ago from feelunique and I am loooooving it ;)
Its the Tanya Burr Nail Polish in Frosting Cupcakes ^^

This is such a nice colour - honestly look at it ^^
Its a very very pale pink colour - very pale. Depending on the light its either more one the baby pink side or a nearly whitey pink. 
Either way its gorgeous and sooo perfect for this time of the year - doesn´t it scream spring ;)
Its perfect for those frosty cold days but also for the warmer days when the sun comes out and treats us with the first warmth of the year ;)
The color is so easy to combine with everything <3 really - just every colour fits ;)

I am always struggling a little with applying TBC nail polishes...I don´t know if am just acting stupid or am just unable to do it or if it is the actual nail polish...but its, I think, hard to apply.
But once you get the swing of it, its okay ;) and you are going to want to get the swing of it because the colours are soooo gorgeous ;)

Ever tried Tanya Burr nail polishes?
What do you think? ;) loving them as much as I do?
Which is your favourite colour? There are sooo many =D

Have a wonderful weekend :*

With lots of love


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