Set up for an productive day

I am having a "be productive" time recently and I have to get a loooot of work done or at least as much of the huge pile as possible ^^

I am kind of a morning person...kind of ;) haha...but to be honest not all the time.
Especially in the last weeks I had a hard time to get myself out of bed...but I have to say that there are many reasons which are not part of this post.
Well I think especially for days like this a morning routine is very important. Important for success and an energetic and productive day and it is helping to set the tone of the day.

I created a little routine for me, myself and I to kick my butt into work and to start every productive day as energetic and awake and as positive and motivated as possible.

So I thought I´d share my steps and tips with you...maybe you´ll get use out of it ;)
and don´t forget to tell me your tips in the comments.

Find your way

First of all and most important is to create a routine which suits you and your needs and your habits.
Creating a routine means creating something which makes you feel better and something you are going to want to stick, no sense in copying here sorry ^^
Of cause you can try a lot and see if you like least that is why I am writing this ^^ haha
But thinking about it, you´ll realize that it makes sense that you are going to have to find your way ;)
because if you don´t like your routine you won´t stick to it and that would ruin all the effort you put into it ;)
And as a little extra tip - don´t change everything at once! If you are not a morning person, but you want to get one - do not start by setting your alarm to 6am - slowly start to get up earlier and you´ll get used to it and your body will too :) and one day you´ll realize that you are getting up way earlier ;) 

Give your body the kick with a huge cup of green tea 

I love green tea. I love how it tastes. I love how it smells. I love how it boosts my body, how it awakens me and how it makes me feel in general ^^ and its sooo healthy in general.
This is a step especially for those of you who do not like coffee or who´s body cant deal with it. Like me. I love coffee but I prefer it in the afternoon with a huuuuuug pile of milk froth ^^
Green tea is loaded with antioxidants and nutrients with powerful effect to your body. INcluding brain funktion, fat loss, a lower risk of cancer and improves physical performance ;) If you want to know more - there are loads of websites with articles about the benefits of green tea ;)
I just love it because it makes me feel better and gives me the feeling of being awake and fit for the day.

Wash the sleep off

Take a cool shower or wash your face, neck and wrists with cold water.
Nothing wakes you up like a cold shower ^^ To be honest I am not a morning shower person - very much more of a evening showerer ;) If you are like me the trick is easy. Just wash your face ith cold water and your hands and forarmes - that´ll make your blood flow and the cold wakes you up like nothing else ^^ If you still nees a little wake me up help do the same to your feet ;)

Get dressed even if you work from home

If you are a from home worker or a student like me who has to get a lot of work done from home it helps a lot
to get ready for the day just like you would do it if you would have to go to work.
This will make you feel a lot more like working or like being at work. So get dressed, do your hair and makeup and have a place at your home where you want to work, a room or a desk - do not work from bed...honestly you´ll only get half the work done - I tried it ;)

Make lists

I know, I know ;) sounds sooo adult to make a list, but it helps sooo much.
I LOVE making lists...could do it all the time...for be honest ^^
Lists just help you a lot to keep the overview of all the stuff you have to do and once you tried it you´ll see how much better it makes you feel about all the work.
Maybe you do it in a timetable way if there is something to be finished in a certain time.
Honestly - it takes a lot of pressure and stress away ^^ and who wants pressure, panicking won´t help! And having a list and even a timetable will help!!
And maybe as a last little tip, start with the most important tasks ;)

The good nights sleep

If you know that there is a day full of work ahead, prepare with a long, good and relaxing sleep.
Stop watching that "one more episode" on Netflix and that Youtube video will be there tomorrow ;)
and yes that next chapter in your book too ;)
Honestly nothing is better than waking up after good eight hours sleep instead of five :)
So the more sleep you get the more energy you´ll have and that energy will help you to stay focused

Prepare as much as possible

Busy day ahead? Prepare the night before: clean up your workspace, prepare your outfit, lay out all the books and papers and documents ready for next day and maybe prepare your snacks for the next day and maybe even some bits of your upcoming meals ;)
You will loose so much precious time if you have to do all this on the -a lot of work- day ;)

Drink enough and eat well

ps. ;) recipe on my youtube channel soon ^^

Its always super important to drink enough and...yes I admit it...I hardly ever drink enough ;)
but I think it is especially important to drink more if you have to be very productive ^^
Staying hydrated will make your blood flow better and easier and it will prevent a dreadful headache ;) who wants a headache on such a day ^^ also a thing you can prepare a little - make sure to drink enough the day before ;)
Also being hydrated will make you feel more awake and that is a veeeeery important thing ;) Feeling exhausted and tired will slow you down a loooot!!!
Its also very important to eat the right things. First it has to be quick and easy to make or able to be prepared, second it should boost you with all the good stuff like vitamins and minerals, third it should not be too heavy because that´ll make all the blood rush to your tummy and not to your brain ;) and last but not leas - take a break for lunch and snacks. I know, I know if you have a lot of work to do you´ll tend to eat whilst working, but honestly the break will help you to get into it better afterwards ;) and you won´t crumble all over your laptop ;)

And here are some links ;) I love these posts and find them very helpful

What are your tips for an productive day?
Let me know if this post helped you ;)

I hope you all had a fabulous weekend and that your next week will be very productive ;)

With lots of love


  1. I loved reading this post, thanks for sharing lovely :) This salad looks super yummy I have to check out your recipe xx

    1. Thank you so much :) I´m glad you liked it :*
      Here´s a little link to the video - the recipe is so quick and sooo easy - perfect for a productive day ^^

  2. <333 such amazing post!

    The food looks so yummy!

    Karolina Gespucci

    1. Hey Karolina :)
      Thank you so much - happy you enjoyed reading it :)
      I´m planning a post on many yummy recipes very soon :) I hope you´ll like that one too - keep your eyes open ^^


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