April Conclusion & May Resolution

Well, well a new month again ... time is flying by and its May already

Most of this month was good - not too much fighting as much as I remember, which is a good thing
because even if there was struggle I do not remember ;) haha
There have been a few days which have been a huge struggle and april already started really rough
but it got better with the time ;)
I am still struggling with confusion but I am getting better and I am learning to define myself as a me
a Me standing alone and not needing anybody - even if it is still hard
and even if I still hate the thought of being alone but I have to learn to make it alone
The progress is getting visible and I can feel it - thats a goood thing!

April was a month full of reading and doing research for my bachelor thesis and I did not stick to my
timetable 100% which still annoys me a lot, but it also makes me work harder now.
I enjoy spring so much and the weather being warmer now, I just hope that it´ll take some time until it´ll
get to hot, because I am really not a hot weather loving kind of girl ^^
Also once again I realised how much I enjoy being busy, having stuff to do and falling into bed at night knowing what I did

I feel pretty good about my youtube channel because I made many videos which I like.

My April resolutions:
- stay productive
- kick ass into work, especially for the bachelor thesis
- finish research for the bachelor thesis
- keep on working hard and keep the stress away
- again stay strong, calm, patient and keep faith
- make everyday worth remembering and no regrets
- accomplish everything with love and hope
- keep on believing
- go outside and enjoy spring

I feel good about being productive, not 100% but still good.
Both blog and youtube and bachelor thesis work was pretty good - I think I cant complain too much.
I worked hard but am still feeling the stress...but I think I would feel it anyway ;)
I was patient most of the time - only a few little blank moments ;)
I don´t know exactly why I set the resolution to to stuff with love and hope...I am one of those people who do everything with love or just not doing anything ;) isnt love the one and most important power...I still think there is not enough of it in the world!!!

April was a good month I think - I feel pretty good about it.
I did some really nice things and I enjoyed myself most of the time

What will May have for me?

pic source

Just like april was, may is going to be busy and full of work.
So most of my resolutions will be very much like they were in april.

- stay productive
- work hard for the bachelor thesis
- keep on working hard and keep the stress away
- strong, calm, patient faithful
- keep on believing
- go outside more, meet friends and do not hide
- travel as much as possible - visit and find new places
- finally getting my new MacBook Pro...saving money for it for sooo long now and I finally have enough

I am excited about this new month - and a little afraid too, but I want to make it and I am sure I will

How was april for you?
Do you have any resolutions for this new month?

And now I will go out and enjoy the sun a little ^^
I hope you´ll have an amazing time

With lots of love


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