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Top 5 on Sunday - Eyeshadow Palettes to dream of

Hello you guys :) How are you doing? I hope you all had a wonderful weekend ^^
Today I have 5 wonderful eyeshadow pallets for you All of them look so amazing - and they are definitely on the top ranks of pallets I´d love to get

1 - Bobbi Brown - sunkissed eye palette
First of all - that packaging. So pretty and these eye shadow shades are absolutely to die for.
I am so much in to pinks and purples lately and the shades in this palette are perfect

2 - Charlotte Tilbury - colour-coded eyeshadow palette
This palette in the colour "The vintage vamp" and just like the Bobbi Brown Palette one of the most gorgeous thing I´ve ever seen ^^

3 - Tarte - Rainforest of the Sea Eyeshadow Palette
This is like the perfect collection of neutral shimmery shades. I love the wheel of taupe to gold to pink, just everything you could ever wish for in one palette.
And I love the unique and so pretty packaging :)

4 - MAC - pre-filled eyeshadow palette
The palette I chose is in Amber times nine and…

Set up for an productive day

I am having a "be productive" time recently and I have to get a loooot of work done or at least as much of the huge pile as possible ^^
I am kind of a morning person...kind of ;) haha...but to be honest not all the time.
Especially in the last weeks I had a hard time to get myself out of bed...but I have to say that there are many reasons which are not part of this post.
Well I think especially for days like this a morning routine is very important. Important for success and an energetic and productive day and it is helping to set the tone of the day.

I created a little routine for me, myself and I to kick my butt into work and to start every productive day as energetic and awake and as positive and motivated as possible.
So I thought I´d share my steps and tips with you...maybe you´ll get use out of it ;) and don´t forget to tell me your tips in the comments.

Find your way

First of all and most important is to create a routine which suits you and your needs and your habit…

Tanya Burr Cosmetics The Cheek Palettes | a Review

I know I knwo - quite a lot Tanya Burr product review on the blog lately but its quite honestly just what I am loving now and using most so I though I´d write  review for those of you thinking about getting some of them too ;)
Today I wanted to write about the latest addition to the collection
The Cheek Palettes

there are two different, gorgeous choices Just like I already said it in my review of the eye shadow palette, the quality you get for the prize is amazing. The bronzer, blusher and highlighter have an amazing formula - so soft and almost buttery, even if I don´t like this expression, but I have to admit that it describes it pretty good ^^
In every palette you´ll get a beautiful bronzer - which is actually the same one in both,  a very pretty shimmery blusher and a gorgeous luminous highlighter.
The products come in a super cute packaging. I love the new packaging the products come in - so gorgeous - it reminds me of one of those old fashioned merry-go-around  with those adorab…

Watches, I am loving, to buy now

I am so in love with so many lovely watches lately I am wishing I´d have the money to buy and I thought I´d share them with you ;) Maybe you are looking for a nice new watch and want to get a little bit spendy ^^
so here is a little inspiration

And here they are.
The brands are amazing so many pretty watches in one post ^^
I love the colours and the designs - just everything about it 


I just loooove this simple design, so elegant and straight. I love pretty much every design they have, every metal every leather.


These classic, elegant watches are what dreams are made of.
They look so sophisticated and timeless - just perfect ^^

 | FOSSIL | 

Fossil makes so many differnt types of watches, every shape, size and colour you could imagine.
Here are some of my faves

 | CLUSE | 

Cluse watches are so special - I love the black ones, I mean, look at them, stu…

10 things I love and want Tuesday #2

Hey ya :) How are you doing? I hope very well?
Today I have a little collection for you of things I just love and would love to buy ;) lets see if it is going to happen ;)

1. Pixi Glow Tonic
- I wanted to try this for so long now, someday I´ll have 20€ and can try it ^^

2. Jimmy Choo sunglasses - ORA
- those are my abolute sunglass-dream - everything about them is stunning

3. Paul Andrew heels - Laura
- these are gorgeous, so neutral and I love the shape

4. xo beauty brushes
- a huuuuge want for me, actually I´d love to try all of te xobeauty brushes, these are only a few ;)

5. Fossil watch
- a want since last year actually ;) so pretty

6. Oliver Bonas Table Lamp in grey and mint
- I need and want a new table lamp many month and these are my fave, so maybe I´ll go for one of them ^^ the question is grey or mint ;)

7. Paul Andrew flats - Hotan
- these are so special and I love the shape and colours - Paul Andrew shoes are stunning

8. Guerlain - Petite Noire Parfum
- a perfume I want s…

Tanya Burr Cosmetics Nail Polish in Frosting Cupcakes | a Review

Hallo everybody :) how are you doing? Today I have an amazing product for you ;) and I realised I never reviewed any of those ^^
I got this nail polish a few weeks ago from feelunique and I am loooooving it ;) Its the Tanya Burr Nail Polish in Frosting Cupcakes ^^

This is such a nice colour - honestly look at it ^^ Its a very very pale pink colour - very pale. Depending on the light its either more one the baby pink side or a nearly whitey pink.  Either way its gorgeous and sooo perfect for this time of the year - doesn´t it scream spring ;) Its perfect for those frosty cold days but also for the warmer days when the sun comes out and treats us with the first warmth of the year ;) The color is so easy to combine with everything <3 really - just every colour fits ;)
I am always struggling a little with applying TBC nail polishes...I don´t know if am just acting stupid or am just unable to do it or if it is the actual nail polish...but its, I think, hard to apply. But once you get t…

The Reading Challenge 2016 and a book you can finish in a day

Good evening my favourite bookworms :) Today i have my book for the category a book you can finish in a day for you... probably the hardest to review
Aristoteles - Über die Welt well at least this is the german title and I really have no idea what the english title is I am so sorry if you know it pleas tell me in the comments...
its also very quickly talked about  Its Aristoteles who was a philosopher talking about the world and its creatures. Its about ancient cosmology and theology and summarizes cosmogony, the order of the cosmos, an explanation of nature and evidence and praise god in great clarity, concentration and conviction
Thats basically it ;) I am so sorry and feeling so bad about this review...I actually thought about even publishing it :( But I wanted to share my thoughts with you and continue my challenge posts ;)

I loved reading it :) I´ve always been a great lover of philosophy, always since school ^^ So I always enjoy having a good philosophically read and thinking a…

Exciting Feelunique Haul

Hello :) How is your week so far? I hope you´re having a great time ^^ Today I wanted to share a few lovely things I got from feelunique 
I also made a video about it :)  Maybe you´d like to watch it and listen to me talking ^^

I love how lovely all of them look ^^ a perfect color scheme I love all of those products so much and just wanted to give you a closer look.
First of all The Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette

How amazing is this <3 The colours are so pretty - the most beautiful collection of pinks, nudes and shimmery browns. The packaging is lovely and sturdy so dropping is not a heart attack situation ;) The mirror is amazing and big enough to do your makeup with it ^^ and the brush is pretty good too. As far as I experienced it with the Naked 2 the quality is amazing :)

Since there was a 3 for 2 on Tanya Burr products I got totally overboard and bought loads ;)

First the amazing perfect brows palette. I wanted this for so long and now I finally have it. The colours look so amaz…

April Conclusion & May Resolution

Well, well a new month again ... time is flying by and its May already

Most of this month was good - not too much fighting as much as I remember, which is a good thing
because even if there was struggle I do not remember ;) haha
There have been a few days which have been a huge struggle and april already started really rough
but it got better with the time ;)
I am still struggling with confusion but I am getting better and I am learning to define myself as a me
a Me standing alone and not needing anybody - even if it is still hard
and even if I still hate the thought of being alone but I have to learn to make it alone
The progress is getting visible and I can feel it - thats a goood thing!

April was a month full of reading and doing research for my bachelor thesis and I did not stick to my
timetable 100% which still annoys me a lot, but it also makes me work harder now.
I enjoy spring so much and the weather being warmer now, I just hope that it´ll take some time until it´ll
get to h…