Skin Care Change - from Winter to Spring

Hello Spring and Hello Summer :)
Isn´t it amazing that Spring finally sprung and that it finally warmer outside :) I love it so much ;)
I have been such a bad blogger sorry about that and I really don´t know why...I just never had the time or the motivation to sit down and write and I really have the aspiration to either write something proper and nice than just throwing anything out there at you ;)

With this seasons change I though: "Why not? Lets write a little post about how you should change your skin care regimen in this time of the year." 

I am everything but a pro in this...I only can tell you my experiences and I did a little research on this topic for you ;) Just like I did it in my skincare change for winter post.

Well there are some points about this topic you should be aware of :)
because I think many...including me in the past just think things like "Oh its warming up and the air is not as dry anymore so I can stop thinking about hydration." NO, never ever think this ;)
Or an other popular thought "Its not that sunny yet I don´t need SPF" or "The sun is not even out, its cloudy I don´t need sunscreen" - BIG mistake ;)

Spring Clean those drawers and shelves

First and before you start to use any of your last years products! Do a proper little spring cleaning!
Always try to avoid the use of expired product! Those left overs from last year might be still good, but check the date before you use them ;) especially in SPF products!
And btw ;) its also an amazing opportunity to purge all those unused and old beauty and skincare products out of your drawers ;)
Just throw away anything past the expiration date, dry or crusty stuff, anything which smells funny or has changed colour or consistency and SPF products older than a year
And just throw anything away you have not used in ages ;) or give them away if they are still good ;)

Do the transition

There are several little things to change now - well at least I experienced to be a good change ;)

SPF protection
The shorter winter days are over now (yay ^^) and with spring we get more longer and sun-filled days and with this change we also have to increase our SPF usage - protect your skin from those UVA and UVB rays people!
There are many many products to choose from. From SPF foundations if you want this extra coverage to simple SPF infused moisturisers or just as simple as it can be that good old sunscreen ;)
One thing I experienced if you have sensitive skin and probably with any other skin type too, try to buy a sunscreen especially for your face. I had loads of struggles if I just constantly used an average sunscreen for my face ;)

Switch to a lighter-weight moisturiser
Whilst you are in a big need of heavy moisturisers during chilly and cold winter month, you should change that to lighter formulas with up-coming spring and summer.
Just go for lighter moisturisers with hydrating benefits to get that glowing skin ;) and look for products which contain hyaluronic acid, it´ll provide serious moisture and radiance
You just won´t need that much because the air starts to contain more moisture and that will help your skin to do the same ;) A too heavy moisturiser would clog your pores and who wants that ;) allow your skin to breathe with lighter moisturisers and serums. Also higher temperatures result in oilier skin for all of us, so you won´t have to help your skin as much as you have to in winter.
An other good thing to do is to use a lighter foundation ;) and just kick those dull days behind you.

Step up your exfoliating game
Its just as simple as it sounds ;) Get rid of winter´s dry, flaky skin to unveil a radiant spring glow.
As always be careful and do not exfoliate too often especially with super sensitive skin and make sure to used the right products! Invest in that gentle face exfoliator! About twice a week always worked good for me ;)
If you want to you can make your own exfoliators at home ;)
I found this recipe online:
 - Mix 2 cups of brown sugar and 1 cup of olive oil ;) yes thats it ;) just scrub your body with it in circular motions and pay extra attention to those rough and dry patches. Rinse it off and moisturise.
Always be extra careful with the cleavage ;) if you have one ;) yes boys you should do the same ^^ haha

What else...
A few little things to say:

Introduce new products slowly to your daily routine, beginning...well...I would say somewhen in march ;)

Up your bathing game ;) just help your body to moisturise with more baths. A bath helps to polarize your skin and allows a deeper product penetration. Put in your favourite essential oils and bath slats ;)

Opt for a gentle yet effective cleanser to wash away dirt, makeup or impurities and get rid of those winter flakes on your skin and which leave your skin soft ;)

Get into this serum game...I know I have to ;) They deliver moisture and repair your overstrained skin and the improve the effects of your moisturiser which is applied on top.

Also in this time of the year when you start to shave more ;) both of you boys and girls you should use products which help your skin to recover from the shaving stress ;) Also make sure to always use a sharp razor - you want a healthy looking skin don´t you ;) It is a lot to take for the skin so let us make it as easy as possible for it to recover :) For example get some inspiration from here :) !!!
Happy skin - happy you ^^

If you want to get some inspiration for products to try or use for these many things to do now ;)
click here to get some suggetions from Vogue

And that is everything I can say about this topic ;)
Its, like I said, just my experience ;) but I would be sooo happy to hear yours ;)
and make sure to tell everyone about your tips in the comments, especially if I left something out ;)

I hope you liked this little post...sorry about the lack of pictures though ;)
Have an incredible spring and I hope I could help those of you who are new to all of the skin care stuff ^^

With lots of love


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