Maybelline - The blushed Nudes Palette | a Review

After being off blogging for way to long without any real reasons I am back today with a
new review just like it should be on Review-Friday :)

I actually wanted to wait with this review a little longer, but its sooo pretty I could not wait ;)

The blushed Nudes Palette

Just like the original The Nudes Palette which I also reviewed
this is a very nice and bargainous palette.
Again I think I paid about 10€ maybe a little more and you get many amazing colours again.
Twelve colours in general all of them shimmery or glittery.
All of them, like the name implements, are kind of blushy pastel colours, but you get your dark brown colours too ;) just a perfectly balanced combination of colours
The strangest thing...I´ve seen reviews with some totally different colours in it...and I am bewildered...


The colours come in a slim kind of rose golden case, which looks a bit cheap to be honest, and again unfortunately no mirror inside!
The biggest problem, which is different to the original on is that the eye shadows them selfs are not separated enough...kind of...the are not sunken in the palette or...I don´t can see it on the pictures they are actually right next to each other and when you try to get one colour you really have to be careful to not mix it with those next to it!
That is not very handy or convenient and makes it not comfy to use.
The shades inside go from a nice bright champagne colour over nice rosy pinks and peaches to greeny tones and browny shades.
Really nice and so pretty tones and if comes with a little brush/sponge applicator :)

Again I have to point out not to compare this with a Urban Decay Naked palettes or anything like those...its a different universe...even if the shades are kind of like the  ones ins the Naked 3 ;)
The quality is amazing for a palette in which you get 12 colours for 10€

Well now to the most amazing part ;)
The shadows them selfs ^^
There are 12 colours in this palette, only one is matte the other ones are all shimmery or glittery
its hard to say because they are not full on glittery but also not only shimmery...well you´ll see ;)
The pigmentation of all of them is very nice and the colour payoff is so good. 
I think that the quality and pigmentation is better that on the original palette - not a single shadow which is hard to work with, not one which needs layering.
So on with the individual colours - no names again ;)

above its a nice pale champagne colour with a silver shimmer to it, on the skin its almost a white tone
below is a very very pretty copper colour - its so lovely with its golden shimmer, its such a nice warm bronze

the upper one is like a lighter version of the copper one on the pic above, its a nice golden shimmery shade, maybe a little sheer but so easy to built and very nice and so pretty
below is one of the darker shades, avery nice dark brown with a golden sparkle, very pigmented

above is one which seems to be a little bit greeny, but its not ;) its a nice creamy-grey colour
below is a nice brown with like a grey undertone, a dusty, golden taupe brown - very very nice

above: a light pink with a fine silvery sparkle, a pretty and sheer shade a very nice not too bright pink
below is a dark greeny brown/ steel gray with a nice shimmer to it :) a little sheerer but so easy to layer

above is a nice neutral mauvey purple colour, the only matte one in this palette but it has kind of a satin finish
below: one of my faves: its a darker rose gold shade with strong pink undertones, sooo nice

such a pretty dark dark rose goldeny bronzy brown with hints of purple undertones, the nicest golden shimmer
the shade below is such a nice black with the prettiest pinky rose gold glitter - really nice

Every single one o those is nicely blendable and they are easy to combine
its fun to create looks :) and to find new combos
The consistency is so nice, very soft, so nice :)

Like I said in my review of the first The Nudes palette - do not expect Urban Decay, or Stila or I don´t know Dior quality - expect what you can get for this price.
Again I think its amazing for you beginners who just want to play with make up and just want to try some colours :)
Well all in all this is a nice offer - you get what you pay for and I think this is a bargain, the only thing which feels and looks a little bit cheap this time is the case.
I do recommend this palette as long as you don´t compare this to others like the Naked ones ;)

Again and just like on the original Nudes palette you get some very handy look suggestions, it breaks down the palette into quads, trios or duos, so its really easy especially for the makeup beginners to combine shadows and get perfect matches on the back of the palette.

What do you think?
Do you like it and what are your experiences?
Tell me all about your it and your opinion ;)

With lots of love


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