March Conclusion & April resolution

Well...we have a new month already...honestly how did that happen?

This month again had a lot for me I had to fight - a lot to fight against, a lot to fight for and a lot to
 fight a way through. I am feeling really exhausted and tired...just like I had a lot of energy invested in
 the fight. The confusion and disorientation is still part of my everyday life and I am struggling a lot
and many times, but I also think that I again made progress, best thing is that I finally think I know
 where I am going and what to expect on the long run.

What happened this month?
Best thing - Spring. I cant tell you how happy I am about Spring finally springing and with the sun
 coming back and the warmth finally staying more that two days or a few hours.
An other thing being back together with spring is the changed time and with that that it is brighter so
much longer in the evenings - that always changes my mood so much.
Also I enjoyed a lot of time with some of my most important people and thats was great ;)
Also a new semester, and my last o.O, started and with that I enjoy having a more planned day.
I think I need my plans for me to feel good and organised and stable.

I missed a lot of weeks over on youtube and my blog schedule was not perfect, but I actually feel
good with my blog...I am only very embarrassed because of my huge fail on my channel.

For March: these were my resolutions:

- stay strong, calm, patient and keep faith
- work hard and enjoy the results
- keep on fighting
- stay productive
- make everyday worth remembering and no regrets
- accomplish everything with love and hope
- keep on believing
- be productive for the bachelors degree - VERY ;)

I think I can say that I was strong and have been fighting for everything I wanted.
I lost a little bit of my patients and got impatient some times - that was not so good but I think okay
I was productive as much as I could manage and all in all I did not fail ;) I think I made a good job :)
I am never loosing my trust and my believe and doing everything with love is the most important thing for me :)

I feel good about what I did in March - not 100% but I do not feel guilty or anything ;)
I hope that I can do the few things I am not proud of a little better ^^

So here you go April - cant wait for the next adventures

Found this and it reminded me so much of my childhood ;) loved it  pic source

April is going to be a busy month - I really want to get as much work done as possible.
So most resolutions are very much work and productiveness related ;)
and many stay the same

- stay productive
- kick ass into work, especially for the bachelor thesis
- finish research for the bachelor thesis
- keep on working hard and keep the stress away
- again stay strong, calm, patient and keep faith
- make everyday worth remembering and no regrets
- accomplish everything with love and hope
- keep on believing
- go outside and enjoy spring

Yes, so I hope I cant accopmlish all of those ;) haha
but I feel pretty good writing this and I am really glad that I am doing this little series - it just makes
it a lot easier to reflect and learn ^^
I think I just have to keep going and never allow stagnation ;)

How was your March? I hope you have a lot amazing memories :)
Do you have any resolutions for this new month? Any special plans?

I hope so and I hope you´ll have an amazing time and a lot of fun with spring ^^

With lots of love


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