Stila -In the light- Eye Shadow Palette | a Review & FOTD

This is definitely one of the most favourite beauty products I own.
Everything about it is great. The shadows are so pretty, there is an huge mirror inside - 
which is always amazing ;) and the most amazing eyeliner comes with it ^^

I have this palette now...I think since one year...or maybe longer ;)
I bought it online - here is a link/link for you =D
and I cant believe I never wrote a review about it ^^
You can buy this palette since a very long time now and I am probably the last blogger ever to write about it ;) but I think we all should remember this because its sooo amazing ;)
Honestly I could never recommend this palette enough or the brand in general...honestly should try more of this ;)
Any recommendations? I want to try something neeeeeeeew ♥ ^^

The shades in the palette are amazing. I am really one of those girls how prefer wearing the neutral shades ;) 
max is a dark smokey eye or something like this ;)
So this palette with its is beautiful colour range I perfect for me and the colours are sooo beautiful 
I love to use them all :) There are 10 gorgeous colours
four matte ones and six shimmery, glittery ones. An other thing I love about this palette is the consistency of the shadows. They are all to creamy and soft and feel amazing especially the glittery ones and the matte ones are velvety smooth and all are so nice and easy to blend and highly pigmented.
They are amazing to combine and soo easy to use, honestly its like you say sometimes ;) You get what you pay for in this palette. 

In the first pic below are the most used in my daily routine :)
They are called bare, kitten, bubbly and gilded gold.
My favourite in the whole palette is definitely 
bubbly - its the most amazing glittery golden colour.
bare is an amazing base colour, just a light beige I also love it as transition colour.
kitten is such a pretty light gold - its way brighter than bubbly but also really pretty.
gilded gold is a lightly pigmented antique brown with a gold shimmer - the only colour I do not like so much on this quad
 - its just really not very pigmented - you need a lot to make it visible.

The other pic show bliss, sunset, sandstone, luster, night sky and ebony.
bliss is the other base colour next to bare which I also love to use for a nude, natural eye look
sunset is the most amazing glittery copper shade - I love this so much. it is my fave next to bubbly
sandstone is a nice dark brown which I love to use for shading :)
luster is one of the least used colour in this palette...even if I cant say why ;) its a really gorgeous very dark brown 
with a lovely golden shimmer to it and a grey undertone
night sky is definitely the ... not used shade in this ;) blue is just not a everyday thing for me ;)
but I really should use it more often because if you blend it more it is a gorgeous purply grey shade
and last but not least
ebony which is just a basic matte black eyeshadow :) always great in every palette 

An other amazing thing about this palette is the eye liner, the smudge stick waterproof eye liner in damsel
this is the most amazing pencil ever - I LOVE it so so so much and use it as much as possible

Its an amazing and super super soft dark brown eyeliner, which is so easy to use and it always looks amazing. Its easy to apply, super nice to blend and always looking good and it stays where you put it, either blended or just a liner, as long as you want to until you wash it off.
I love the natural look it creates and how good it feels to wear it :)

The packaging is really lovely too. Its a goldeny, brown, rose-golden paper case...mine really looks used by now ;) hahaha
there is rose-golden letters on the lid and some informations about the palette on the back of it.
It closes magnetical and really feels like it can protect your eyeshadows ;) 
very sturdy and tightly closed

- Sarah Lucero

And guess what :) you get an extra
Here is a little FOTD - this is the eyelook I wear most with this palette :)
I will try and do an other one asap

Face Facts
Catrice Even Skin tone Foundation in even vanilla
Maybelline Fit Me Concealer in 10
L´oréal Perfect Match Powder
Rimmel Natural Bronzer in 022 SunBronze
SoSusan Universal Blush
Kryolan Highlight
Maybelline Browdrama in transparent
MAC Pro Longwear Waterproof Brow Set in Bold Brunette
Benefit they´re Real Tinted Primer
Benefit Roller Lash Mascara
Fleur de Force Lip Gloss in 060 Seeing Stars

Do you have this palette?
Its pretty hard to get nowa days ;) but what to you think about it ;)

Have an super amazing weekend lovelies

With lots of love


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