Some days Summary Sunday - Back to uni

Hello you lovely people out there.

I really feel like not blogging a lot lately and since I love reading these kind of posts I thought today is the perfect day to write a little summary about some days in my life - which is why I called this post some days summary...even if it does not make a lot of sense but, well ;) -  and about what happened lately ;) Also sorry if I start rambling a lot ^^

♥  last Wednesday I moved back in to my room/flat in Rosenheim for my last semester of studying interior architecture. I am now starting to write my Bachelor Thesis and that is really exiting and a little bit frightening too ;)

♥  I started a rhetoric and presentation seminar in uni and I am sure that I´ll love it and I really think that it will help me a lot

♥  on Friday I started a new kind of tradition with a friend of mine here at uni - Smoothie night ;) T´was amazing the smoothies ended up as some of the most delicious I ever had ;) You definitely should try it too ^^

♥  its super strange being back in uni...even after only six weeks of break I fell weird

♥  also the anxious feelings of what will happen once I am finished with my bachelor are huge and I am really really unsure what will happen next. I am thinking about doing a masters degree in lighting design or something like that but I really have to force myself to believe in my decisions

♥  in general, anxiety is really strong lately - I am managing to fight panic attacks down most of the time but its hard work and I am so tired so often that I really think something is wrong with me. But I am also very proud every time I kick my butt out of bed to be productive and every time if kick the but of panic out of my day :) and all the time I think that´ll make me stronger and next time it´ll be even more easy so stand up kicking ;)

♥  my roommates are strangely a lot more silent than last semester - pretty happy about that though ;) if you follow my Twitter you´ll know how much I struggled with their disrespectful behavior sometimes last semester ;)

♥  the last days the weather was so nice, warm and sunny, and I really think that spring is about to spring and I really cant wait until it´ll be warmer and sunnier outside - my mood need spring ;)

♥  I am in a huge shopping mood lately and that is not good - noooooooot good at all - I really have to save my money for a new laptop - and a new phone - so no shopping in for me. I am pretty sure tho that I wont make it through spring fashion with out a little shopping spree ^^ haha - mama need pastel fashion ;)

♥  spent most of the weekend so far in bed ;) snuggled in watching Netflix ;) finished watching every season of The Mentalist and Supernatural on german Netflix...and please add more asap !!!!
Now restarted Hemlock Grove - damn I love it I think I am near the end of Season one and it so good

♥  making myself some potato salad today ;) never happened before ... hope it´ll end good ;)

Hope you all had a super lovely weekend ;) and will have an amazing and successful new week

With lots of love


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