February Conclusion & March resolution

February as shortest month is always over like just started and already over.
Twas a pretty chilled month for me generally since I had my semester break, which continues =D

It was a tough month too, in many aspects
I needed a lot of strength and patients and I am still feeling very confused and disorientated most of the time, but I want to keep on fighting, to not give up jet and stay strong.
I had a lot of thinking to do and I still don´t know how to keep on going and what to do, 
but so far I feel good with my decisions...only thing is I never know what´s to expect
and I hate that feeling, it makes me really anxious.

Well what was good?
I finished my last semester and passed all exams with very good grades and I am very proud cause I worked hard and put a lot of time and effort into the exams and projects.
I had a lot of time to sleep finally which is always amazing.
I got back into blogging a lot and am loving it so much ;) which is why you should follow me ;)
Also I made it back into youtube...not as good as I´d like to but its getting better =D
I met a lot of friends and did a lot....even if it was not as much as I wanted to.

In February these were my resolutions for the new month:
- be very creative and productive
- do a lot of amazing things
- do not stay at home all the time and watch netflix
- have an amazing time with friends and family
- catch up with friends and youtube
- stay organised with youtube and my blog
- visit a lot of new amazing places

Well first I have to say...I spent a lot of time at home and watched Netflix ;)
Its just my favourite thing to do =D hahaha yes I am that kind of person, which would make me the worst for daily vlogging or such thing ;)
I wrote a blogpost about my favourite series atm, if you´d like to read it click here
But I was productive...a little...during watching. 
Actually I can be proud of myself because I started spring cleaning...big time
I throw away a loooooot of things, and am still wondering why I still had it ;) hahaha
I can be soooo sentimental if it comes to keeping stuff and it seems like I am having a memory with every single piece of paper ;) also I cleaned out my wardrobe to give a loooot of stuff to charity
and I feel so good, so light and just released...still have enough stuff tho ;)
I was not as creative as I wanted to be...not even close, thats a thing I am sad about, same thing for visiting new places and doing a lot of amazing things, but I still feel good only a little sad about it.
The I was pretty good if it comes to the other resolutions. I had a lot of fun with my friends and family and it was so nice.

I loved many things in February, it was a nice month and I feel good thinking about it
...or at least most of it.
Click here for my February Favourites on YouTube ;)

So welcome March I´d say, I hope you´ll be a good one ;)

March is half relaxed and half back to uni and start working on my bachelor degree.
So me resolutions will be half relaxing half working ;)
so I want to:

- stay strong, calm, patient and keep faith
- work hard and enjoy the results
- keep on fighting
- stay productive
- make everyday worth remembering and no regrets
- accomplish everything with love and hope
- keep on believing
- be productive for the bachelors degree - VERY ;)

ya thats pretty much it...not a lot at all , isn´t it ;)
I really hope I can accomplish that its a lot about everyday attitude and approach to life
but I really really need to reach my march goals!!!

I hope you´ll have an amazing march and that you´ll accomplish everything you are up to in this brand new month :)
Enjoy spring - its one of the best times in the year =D


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