Astor Soft Sensation Lipcolor Butter | a Review

I am actually planning to write this post since somewhen last year in summer ;)
finally I found a little time to tell you a little bit about the Astor Soft Sensation Lipcolor Butters - Color + Balm + Shine...
damn thats a mouthful ;) haha

I tended to go to the Astor counter every time I went into a shop where they sell this brand and so I ended up with four different colours of this product...
I am actually wondering why I did not buy more ;) 
In general they are really amazing I love using and wearing them a lot.
The formula is very nice and feels lovely on the lips, the ones with the golden bottom are so moisturising and feel so good and stay on your lips really long as you do not drink or eat anything ;) the fourth one is a little bit more drying and stays on a little better hence to its matte formula :)
"Moisturising Lip Color. All in 1: Lipstick, Lipbalm and Lipgloss"


008 Hug Me


Hug me is a very nice nude colour. It has a light pinky touch to it and a slight sparkle which is not strong or to eye catching but gives your lips this little extra shine :)

011 Feeling Feline

I love this colour really much :) feeling feline is a light nudy pink which looks far more pigmented that it actually is. Its a perfect everyday colour and it just plumps up your lips a little bit...a little more than a "your lips with better colour" but still soo natural.

015 Cheeky Cherry

What a lovely red, huh =D Its so lovely and still not to vibrant.
Its eye catching but not to much and its one of the best feeling reds I have. Its more of an apple red but I have the feeling that it would suit everyone whatever skin tone you have, because of its formula the colour appears different. Also its easy buildable which means you´ll get several different shades out of this ;) on the pic below its fully built up :)

025 Cheeky Girl

cheeky girl is the only matte one I have...really don´t know why because its so lovely.
Its a kind of neonish orangy red colour which is really eye catching on the lips.
Unfortunately my lips a really dry atm even if I am wearing lip balms 24/7 but...thats always a problem for me around this time of the sorry if it looks everything but perfect on the pic below.
Its a really nice colour to add a little pop to your look and its still nice on the lips...even i f it is matte

Finally I wrote this and I am really happy about it.
I think many of you should try those lippies and I don´t think they are very well known ;)
Highly recommended ;)

Have you tried them and if not do you want to ;)
Which other colours should I get?

With lots of love


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