January conclusion and February resolutions

and we have a new month already
I cant believe that january is over... I mean honestly how fast can a whole month be over?
January was packed with a lot of amazing things and many hard days
but I think in general I liked it.

Like I said in my new year post I want to do new month resolutions post.
Its already a little late in the month to do this, but I had a loooooot of work to do for uni in the last weeks and today I am finally done with this semester. YAAAAAY

Thinking about january means thinking about a lot of work and hard days
new experiences and big big challenges.

My resolutions for january were
- stay strong
- be patient
- say yes and be brave to do things which frighten you
- keep calm
- be productive and not lazy

so I think I made it and I´ve done well, especially for being patient and staying strong.
Also I am pretty proud of myself because I said yes to something I was really afraid of
- a singing competition together with my sister ;) and it was nice and I am so happy I did it.

I loved a lot of thing in january...not actually beauty-wise...I´ve been using the same products all the time, but I began to love Star Trek a lot ;) the original series and got back into The Mentalist just a few days ago. Also I have been loving THIS playlist on spotify a lot and listened to it a lot.
There is probably going to be a little youtube video about all of this over on my youtube channel soon ;) come on over and say hi ;)

In february I´ll have a looooot of free time so I can do a lot
I want to:

- be very creative and productive
- do a lot of amazing things
- do not stay at home all the time and watch netflix
- have an amazing time with friends and family
- catch up with friends and youtube
- stay organised with youtube and my blog
- visit a lot of new amazing places

In general I tend to be very lazy when I am not having a lot to do or without a plan for the days
and I really want to be active and productive ;) not lazy

What are your plans for this month?
Tell me all about what you are up to ;) I need a little inspiration =D hahaha
I hope you´ll have an amazing february



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