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Today - Series I love watching

The Mentalist

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I know I already talked about it in my favourites video ;) but I just had to add this here too ;)
There are six seasons and the last episode was just one year ago...which is a shame because I think I could watch this for ever and ever.
Basically The Mentalist is about a guy, Patrick Jane, who is or was a mentalist and earned his money with tricking others with getting a connection to ghosts of their dead beloved ones.
After loosing his wife and daughter who got killed by the mass murderer Red John he stops tricking others and continues to work only for the CBI to solve murder cases and to stop and kill Red John.
I just love watching this, the character of Patrick Jane is just unique and besides his obsession with Red John he is really an amazing guy. I love the ways of solving crimes and just everything about this show, only the constant getting away of Red John is really devastating ;)


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The two brothers Sam and Dean Winchester are living their life´s as hunters - hunting evil creatures, killing them and saving the world...constantly ;)
On their way through everyday life they have many huge challenges and very bad enemies to fight against and they loos a lot, get killed a lot and still standing try to save the world from evil over and over and over again.
The american fantasy horror TV series has now 11 seasons and is still running. The first season is from 2005 and I remember watching it from the first time it was on in german television. Somewhen I lost track watching it and now I am sooooo much back into it that I watched the first 7 seasons in one month ;)

American Horror Story - Freak Show

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Its probably completely impossible to sum AHS up in one or two sentences.
There are now five seasons and Freak Show is the fourth one. Every season has its one story and the only thing that stays the same are most of the actors and the horror thing ;)
Freak show is like the name says about a freak show in the 50´s in america. Basically there are a lot of crazy people, monsters, unusual humans and just everything which comes to your mind if you think freak show ;) There is happening a lot of cruel stuff, people who want to sell the freaks to collectors of curiosities, many get killed - its just like a on going Horror movie :)
Probably not for everyone, but if you are into horror you should definitely try it.
Unfortunately the german Netflix is a little behind so I cant watch the newest season but I hope that will change soon :)

Shadow Hunters - The mortal instruments

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Based on the novel by Cassandra Clare, this series is about creatures called Shadow Hunters who...well hunt shadows ;) meaning the hunt and kill monsters to save humanity ;)
I have only seen the first few episodes and can not say too much about it but I really like it so far.
Clary just got into the circle of the shadow hunters and is trying to save her mother who got kidnapped by the bad guy Valentin. She is discovering her true self of being a shadow hunter and learns about her new powers and to accept her new life.
The series is pretty new and I think there is only one season yet, but I really like it so far.

Vampire Diaries

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Elena, Stefan and Damon - those three are fighting their way through six seasons of Vampire Diary´s.
Based on the books by l.J. Smith, which I read in the shortest time, this series started in 2009 and was very very successful.
It takes place in Mystic falls a town in Virginia, America, a small town haunted by many supernatural creatures since a very long time. Vampires are nothing new to this town.
The two brothers Damon and Stefan Salvator return home after being turned into vampires many years ago there Elena who tells the story, falls in love with him the get together and that is when all the troubles start.
Again a series which I stopped watching sometime and am now back into ;)
So far I am loving it again, I remember that I was bored somewhen in season four or five and stopped watching it but I really want to make it though this time ;)

And these are my current favourite series to watch - and I am a series addict so this is probably not the last post of this kind ;)
Also I am having the bad habit of starting to watch new series all the time before I finish the one I am still watching ;) but I really want to get better in this ;) 

What are your favourite series to watch atm?
Tell me, tell me, tell me I want to watch them all ;)

Have a wonderful sunday evening and a good start tomorrow :)


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